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Brazil - São Paulo

Today, KEDGE Business School has more than 74,000 alumni on all 5 continents. Our mission: to stimulate and energise the network anywhere our alumni are located through professional clubs and branches abroad. 


Brazil - São Paulo

24/06/2019 - Benjamin, a KEDGE graduate living in Brazil

Could you tell us about your educational background, and what you studied at KEDGE? What programme did you take at KEDGE? There is a lot of luck and chance in my school path. I did literary and economic prep classes, “BL” at the time. I didn’t really know which direction I wanted...

08/04/2019 - Meeting with Jérémie, Head of the KEDGE Alumni branch in Sao Paulo

Can you tell us about your education background and your training at KEDGE? Which track did you follow at KEDGE? I have a rather unusual education path because I started with a DUT in Mechanical Engineering, then spent a year in Scotland getting my specialisation. It wasn’t until after I got...