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I forgot my login information (username or password)

In order to access all of the content on our website, you will need to log in to your account. If you have forgotten your login information, please don't hesitate to use our password request service and we will send you an email with your username and a link so that you can create a new password. 

Become a member

Association members can access all of our services for free or at a special rate. If you are already a member, you will need to log in to your account to benefit from all the services we offer. If you want to become a member, please head over to our membership page.


Profile and confidentiality 

Updating my personal and professional contact information

It is important to keep your profile information up-to-date, both for you and for us: it ensures that you are correctly identified in the alumni directory, and ensures that we can send you information you may find useful (about your class, your programme, or other services you might be interested in or events taking place in your area). 

For example: if you live in London but haven't updated your contact information, then you won't receive invites to our after work events in London. You would be missing out, right?

To update your profile, log in to your account using your login information then click on your name in the top-right corner, then click on "Complete my profile" , then on the "pencil" icons in the right-hand corner of every section. Don't forget to make sure the "Display" box is checked, to ensure that your information appears in the alumni directory. 


KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL attaches great importance to the respect of the confidentiality and the protection of data concerning the members of its network. Your details are not sold for commercial purposes. Unless a visitor is logged into to his or her alumni account, he or she will not be able to access any member’s telephone number(s) or contact address(es). If you do not want your details to be visible to the members of the network, you must untick the relevant "Show" boxes when you update your profile.

For more information on the privacy and data handling policy implemented by KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, please refer to Section 3 of the KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL Professional Network Charter:


Emailing and contacts

Modify subscription settings

Our emailing campaigns are targeted and sent according to the settings you selected in your profile. However, you can change these settings at any time by clicking on "Complete my profile", then on the "My Newsletters" icon. 

Contact an alumnus

Our alumni directory provides you access to numerous and valuable contacts who can help you find a job, internship, work-study contract, or future collaborators. To access the directory, click on the "Directory" tab. The Directory is an incredibly useful tool, is only available to members, and allows you to conduct a detailed search using several filters and criteria. 
Attention: just because you went to the same school doesn't mean you are already friends. Don't use an informal tone if you are contacting someone you don't know: alumni are still professionals, and can even be recruiters. Use professional language and remain polite, as you would for any professional contact. 


Tools and services


We haven't printed a paper directory since 2012, for practical as well as environmental reasons. Thanks to our online directory, you can access contact information for our alumni, updated in real time. To consult the directory, click on the "Directory" tab. If you are not a paying member, you will be able to conduct searches by name, class, or program but won't be able to access contact information. If you are a paying member, you will be able to refine your searches using more specific criteria (company, position, city, sector, etc.) and obtain contact information. However, you will not be able to extract a list of contacts. This ensures that alumni information cannot be used for mass prospection or commercial purposes. 

Find my former classmates

When you are logged into your account, the "My class" page allows you to access a list of your former classmates. On the "Long lost graduates" tab you can provide contact information for alumni who have not updated their profile for a while. Finally, on the "Email to my class" tab you can easily and quickly send an email to your entire class: a great way to reconnect! 


We organise, in collaboration with a number of volunteer alumni, more than 200 alumni events per year. Cocktails, after work event, conferences, professional clubs: these meetings take place all over the world! You can consult our calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" tab on our website. If you participate in a Professional Club meeting, that doesn't mean you have to participate in all the club's meetings. Every meeting is open to all alumni!


KEDGE BS Alumni provides several services that may meet your needs: finding a job, enhancing your skills, expanding your network... All of these services are listed in the "Careers" tab and can be sorted according to the type of need. Don't hesitate to use these filters to refine your search.  


Copies / certificates / transcripts

Obtain a copy of my diploma or a certificate

Did you lose your diploma or do you need a certificate for a specific diploma? Just send us a message via the  "Contact" form on our website. Make sure you select "Copies of diplomas/certificates" so that your request is sent to the right person and can be processed more efficiently. 


Get involved with the Alumni Network

I want to get involved with the Alumni Network

Just like dozens of other alumni already do, you can support your school as well as its Alumni network by managing an international branch, managing a professional club, becoming a coach, a mentor, or even an admissions jury. To learn more about how to get involved with the alumni community, head over to this page.


Connect with alumni and students on social media

Developing our communities on social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, is a priority for the KEDGE BS Alumni Association. By joining these targeted communities, you will benefit from a growing support network: share job or internship offers, exchange apartments, receive information about the network... To learn more about our groups around the world, consult this map.