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Legal Notice

Charter of  the KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL Professional Network 

The professional network of students and graduates of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL (hereinafter the “Network”) is managed by the  Association, KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL Group. Its purpose is to facilitate the professional integration and mobility of graduates, to establish connections between graduates and partner companies, and to enable graduates to remain associated with their school.

 1.  Purpose

The purpose of this charter is to establish the general conditions of use of the services offered on the network website (hereinafter the “Site”) to its members.

The Site offers its Members the following:

  • an email service (which allows emails to be forwarded to a personal email account, as well as unlimited storage) which is reserved to alumni and students;
  • a directory of KEDGE Business School Alumni;
  • a job board service;
  • information and news services (including, but not limited to newsletters, events, and calendar);
  • services relating to the professional careers of graduates;
  • the ability to create groups and to organise services, in accordance with the specific conditions set forth below.

The KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL Group Association (hereinafter “KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL”) provides these services and tools in accordance with the conditions of use hereinafter described. Where certain services are subject to specific conditions of use, the user will be informed of these terms via a popup requiring acceptance of said conditions prior to continuing.

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL provides, directly or indirectly, the hosting of the network services and the provision of the tools offered on the Site. Each member of the Network is responsible for his or her usage of the Site, as well as information or messages that he or she disseminates.

Each user is solely and entirely responsible for his or her usage of this Site. KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this Site, or sites related to it, including but not limited to any material damage, loss of data or programmes, or financial loss.

2. Conditions of Enrolment and Access to the Network and the Site

The Network and the Site are not accessible to the general public. Access is reserved to members of the Network who have accepted the terms and conditions of this Charter, and who have been provided a username and password.

Eligible members of the Network and who have been granted access to the Site are either students or graduates of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL programmes, or are representatives of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL partner companies, which are authorised to post job vacancy notices.

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL staff may also be members of the Network and who, after having been authorised and informed of the terms and conditions of the functioning of the Site and the Network, have expressly accepted to take part in and to adhere to this Charter.

Members of the Network agree to provide accurate information at the time of their enrolment and to update said information in the event of any change. KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL will regularly ask users to update their information.

Members of the Network will be provided with a username and password. The password is personal and confidential.  Each member of the Network is responsible for the usage of his or her password and agrees to not divulge it any fashion whatsoever.

Access and use of the Site implies the full and complete acceptance of this Charter by the member of the Network.

 3. Personal Details of Network Members

 Responsibility of the Handling of Data Collected:

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL is responsible for the handling of personal data collected in relation to the Site, in accordance with the Law of 1901. KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL registration number is SIREN 514005123, and its headquarters is located at Domaine de Raba, 680 Cours de la Libération, 33405 TALENCE Cedex, France.

Any information collected is in the legitimate interests of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Data Protection Officers:

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL has appointed the following individual as a Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.).  His contact information is as follows:

Jean-Michel Livowsky

Purposes of the Collection of Data:

Personal data is collected and processed for the management and hosting of the Network, and is primarily used to perform the following operations:

  • the administrative management of members of the Network;
  • the creation and management of the online directory of graduates of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL;
  • the hosting of the Network;
  • the establishment of connections for researching internship and employment opportunities, as well as carrying out other research;
  • the management of access permissions to the Site;
  • the conducting of surveys;
  • carrying out targeted email campaigns based on information entered in the profile of members;
  • sending newsletters; and
  • monitoring contributions and donations made to the KEDGE Business School Alumni Association.

Accessibility of Data:

Information collected from members of the Network via the completion of forms and posted on the Site can be reviewed by any member of the Network (students, graduates, and duly authorised business entities) on the condition that said member has agreed to respect the terms and conditions of the present Charter, and with the goal of professional integration or mobility of graduates.

By default, information regarding the identity of members of the Network (students and graduates) is not accessible to other members except through the member “Directory”, “Calendar”, or “Geolocation” on the Site. Members who do not wish for this information to be accessible to other members of the Network may untick the “Display information” checkbox when they update their profile.

Insofar as KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL has locations in Suzhou, Shanghai and Dakar, nominative membership data may be transferred - as part of joint projects or exchange programmes - to its international campuses.

Nominative data related to Network members may be communicated to third parties and/or to subcontractors (e.g., the KEDGE BS Alumni Association and external service providers for IT maintenance purposes) for the purposes referenced in this Charter. Subcontractors will be required to implement appropriate safeguards for any personally identifiable information.

For those third-parties located in countries whose regulatory laws do not offer the same level of protection as State members of the European Union, KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL will ensure that any transfer of information will be made in conformity with the provisions imposed by French law (such as the implementation of contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission).

Preservation of Data:

In conformity with the regulations pertaining to the protection of data, any nominative data collected will be preserved by KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL and will be retained for the period of time provided for by the applicable law. 

 Rights of Members:

You have the right to object to the usage of your information at any time, and for legitimate reasons, by submitting your objection to the P.O.D by email at the following address:

However, be advised that your objection may, in practice and depending upon the case, negatively affect your ability to use the functions of the Network. If KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL cannot have access to the necessary nominative data to authenticate you, the Site and certain applications will be inaccessible.

You have the right at any time to object to the usage of your personal data for commercial solicitation.

You equally have the right to access and modify any data  that concerns you. You further have the right to limit the use of this information after you have: objected to the handling of, and/or disputed the accuracy of, the data; when is being used in an unlawful manner; or when it is necessary for the outcome of, the exercise of, or the defence of your rights in legal proceedings.

You may request the deletion of any inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or outdated information about you, or whose collection, use, disclosure, or storage is prohibited. You may withdraw your consent to the collection of data about you at any time when the handling of said data requires your consent. You may also exercise your right to data portability.

These rights can be exercised at any time by sending an e-mail to the following addresses:

If you wish, you may submit a complaint to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). Additional information is available on its website:

 If you have any questions about these policies, please contact the Data Protection Officer by email at the following address:

4. Dissemination of Messages Within the Network 

 Members of the Network agree to ensure that their messages do not:

  • violate the rights of individuals and of property;
  • violate any laws and/or regulations in effect in France, in the member’s country of residence, or in the country where the member’s data may be sent;
  • must not contain any viruses, nor programmes susceptible to causing damages; and/or
  • contain messages that data that are of an illicit, defamatory, threatening, or offensive nature. The transmission of any unsolicited advertising, messages of a commercial nature, or those distributed for political, union, or religious purposes, is prohibited.

Members of the Network are prohibited from sending mass emails to other members of the Network, and they further agree to respect the image and reputation of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, and to not engage in any statements or actions that could impact it.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the removal of the author of the message(s) in dispute from the Network and may be subject to prosecution by KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL.

5. Job Vacancies

Any member of the Network who has the authorisation to post or share job vacancies agrees to not use criteria that is prohibited or discriminatory nature. Vacancy notices that discriminate on any of the following criteria are expressly forbidden:

  • origin;
  • gender;
  • lifestyle;
  • pregnancy;
  • familial situation / marital status;
  • race, ethnicity, or nationality;
  • political leanings;
  • union or cooperative activities;
  • religious beliefs;
  • health;
  • disability;
  • sexual orientation;
  • age;
  • physical appearance;
  • name/surname; and/or
  • genetic features.

 (Art. L 1132-1, L 1142-1, L 5531-2 du Code du travail)

6.  Non-Compliance with this Charter

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL reserves the right to remove any member who has failed to comply with any of the provisions contained in this Charter from the Network. In such case, KEDGE Business School will inform the member via email that his or her access to the site will be thereafter automatically and immediately terminated.

7.  Modification of the Present Charter

The present Charter may be unilaterally modified by KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, in particularly to conform to new legal provisions or regulations. Members of the network will be informed of any changes via publication on the website or via email.

Any access to the Network by a member after the publication of any new or revised Charter will be deemed to be an acceptance on the part of said member.

8.  Intellectual Property

The Site and each of the elements that make it up (such as brands, logos, databases, images, texts, photographs, etc.), including the software elements necessary for the functioning of the Site and its databases, are the exclusive property of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL. Any reproduction, representation, adaptation (including translation) or, in general, any use of the Site and its content, whether in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited except with the prior written consent of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL. Any infringement of this provision will constitute an act of counterfeiting and/or unfair competition, and the offender will be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

Explicitly, databases set up within the framework of the Network are protected by provisions contained in Books I and III of the Intellectual Property Code. Anyone who builds a file or a database from all or part of the data of the Network accessible on the Site, and makes it available to a third-party, whether for a fee or free of charge, without the agreement of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL and in violation of this Charter, will be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties set forth in the Intellectual Property Code.

 9. Litigation

The present Charter is governed by French law. Any litigation related to the validity, interpretation, or execution of the present Charter, and after failed mediation attempts, will be submitted to the appropriate tribunals. 

Any dispute arising out of the provisions this Charter may, at the request of a natural person Network member, be subject to consumer mediation. The latter, however, retains the right to accept or refuse to submit to consumer mediation.

In the event where a natural person Network member wishes to resort to a consumer mediation, he or she must address his or her complaint in writing to KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL (KEDGE BS, 680, cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence cedex – France), or by email ( KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

In the absence of resolution of the dispute, the natural person Network member can, within a year from the date of his or her complaint to KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, and free of charge, request mediation by the MEDIATION-NET Association (mediator for private educational institutions) (Address: MEDIATION-NET Consumption, 3 rue des Morillons, 75015 Paris 2, email:, online referral form: http: //www.mediation-net The MEDIATION-NET Association is a neutral and impartial third-party, and is independent from KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL.

The decision of mediator will not be binding upon the Parties, who retain the right to submit their dispute to the relevant tribunal.