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Brazil - São Paulo

Today, KEDGE Business School has more than 74,000 alumni on all 5 continents. Our mission: to stimulate and energise the network anywhere our alumni are located through professional clubs and branches abroad. 


Brazil - São Paulo

Past events

  1. Thursday 8th September
    1st Afterwork for the Kedgers in Rio

    Attention Kedgers of Rio and its surrounding areas! Our Brazil branch is back in action and has organised its first get-together in Rio de Janeiro ! Virginie SIMON, host of your branch has the pleasure of inviting you to  an...

  1. Wednesday 11th September
    Afterwork in Sao Paulo

    Attention Alumni of Sao Paulo! Our local host, Jérémie Martinez, went back to France at the end August, and our Sao Paulo branch is looking for his replacement!!  Nevertheless, a casual evening get-together has been organised...

  1. Thursday 15th August
    Afterwork in Sao Paulo

    Attention Kedgers in Sao Paulo ! Our local host, Jérémie Martinez is leaving Brazil and returning to France after having spent 10 years in this "eternal country of the future"!  This Happy Hour, on15 August, is a special one...

  1. Thursday 28th March
    Afterwork in Sao Paulo

    Attention Kedgers of Sao Paolo! Our local branch, hosted by Jérémie Martinez, 2001 graduate, is holding an evening social for Kedgers to celebrate the winter holiday break in France. It's been organised for Thursday, 28 March...

  1. Thursday 17th January
    Back-to-School Aftework in San Paulo

    Attention Alumni in San Paulo !  Our local host, Jérémie Martinez, 2001 graduate, invites the Kedgers of Sao Paulo to come and have a good time to celebrate the New Year on 17 January at 7:00 pm. He has chosen the charming...

  1. Thursday 13th September
    Alumni evening in San Paulo

    Attention KEDGE graduates and students taking internships in San Paulo! The theme of this evening’s event will be “Design, Style, and New Materials in Brazil”! The host of our local branch, Jérémie...

  1. Thursday 31st May
    Afterwork in San Paolo

    Alumni in San Paolo, be sure to mark the 31st of May in your calendar! Jérémie Martinez, a 2001 KEDGE graduate and the new manager of the Alumni Branch, is holding her second meeting on Thursday, 31 May.  Her special guest...

  1. Thursday 19th April
    Afterwork in Sao Paulo

    Attention, all KEDGE Alumni in Sao Paulo! Jérémie Martinez, class of 2001, is taking over from Marie Vialle as the manager of the KEDGE Alumni branch in Sao Paulo.  He is pleased to invite Kedge Alumni on Thursday, April 19th...

  1. Wednesday 11th April
    20th edition of the Phare de...

    Attention, all KEDGE Alumni and students!  Wednesday, April 11, 2018, ACCEDE Provence Entrepreneurs, KEDGE Business School Consulting Association, is organising the 20th edition of the Phare de l'entrepreneuriat, the 1st...

  1. Wednesday 22nd February
    Afterwork in Sao Paulo

    Marie VIALLE, the Manager for the Alumni Branch in Sao Paulo, has organised another wonderful evening for alumni in Sao Paulo!  Wednesday, February 22nd, at 7:00 pm at the VILA BUTANTAN Agostinho Cantu, 47 - São Paulo A...

  1. Friday 28th October

    Marie VIALLE MARCHIORI (ESC 2011), head of Sao Paulo Alumni branch, is happy to invite you to a meeting at :  CANAILLE BARon Friday the 28th of october at 7 pm  On this occasion, Marie will present you Catherine Maisonneuve,...