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Zoom on our coaches: Céline MEYRIGNAC

“I’m a firm believer in the strength of professional networks and have been very involved in different economic networks over the past 15 years as a volunteer project and team manager.”

Thanks to KEDGE Alumni, you can get support from a a professional coach. 

Introducing the coach 🔎

Céline Meyrignac is one of the co-creators of the KEDGE Alumni employment workshops. She has conducted sessions since 2016 A committed coach, she provides graduates with methods and advice to support them in their job search, choice of professional orientation (or reorientation) and, more generally, in their career development. Céline runs around a dozen workshops a year.


With more than 26 years of coaching professionals from all sectors and having been referred for coaching executives from major international groups as well as for SMEs and start-ups, Céline also assists Alumni through individual coaching sessions which enable them to: 

  • To delve more deeply, in a more personalised manner, into subjects related to professional mobility and efficiency;
  • To assist graduates, in one or more sessions, at times when they need to gain perspective, to better understand the resources they have available to you, and know what options they have to make the best decisions on position changes, responsibilities, business creation, preparation for key events (interviews, meetings, negotiations), management, leading projects or people, etc.


👉 Céline Meyrignac in numbers: 26 years of experience, assisted more than 500 individuals, and more than 300 of her clients have gotten hired. 


💬 What Céline's clients have to say about her

"Thank you, Céline! I was lucky to have Céline as a coach and teacher at KEDGE Business School. She helped me enormously in gaining interpersonal communication skills and helping me with the preparation of internship searches, whether it was for the development of my application materials, or preparing for interviews. When I needed a consultation with an HR expert at my school, I asked for Celine. We get along well, she's very professional and listens to me, which is exactly what I needed. I don't know if I would have been able to get the internships I can now proudly present on my CV without her. Even today, three years after finishing my studies, I am still following her advice! Thanks again!" Paul Forest

Workshops led by Céline MEYRIGNAC this year 👩‍🎓

👉 Special Support for Recent Graduates:  Start your job search without stress

👉Employment Workshops: A series of workshops to assist you in your career choices and job search (self-branding, networking, CV, stress management, .etc.)

💡 Take Stock of Your Career: Get support in analysing your career and diagnosing your situation to guide your future professional choices

💡 Get to know yourself better with the MBTI Personality Test: Understand yourself better so you can develop your potential, improve your relationships with others, and make sound choices for professional growth.

💡Individual coaching: Benefit from personalised support regardless of what you are facing in your career (reconversion, new challenges, HR difficulties, etc.)



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