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  • Are you looking for a job or changing direction?
  • Are you experiencing professional difficulties?
  • Are you facing new challenges?
  • Do you want to manage an HR problem?
  • Do you want to simulate a recruitment interview?
  • Do you want to be supported in your salary negotiations?
  • Do you want to succeed in your new position?
  • Do you want to develop your self-confidence?
  • Do you need support in your professional development?
  • Do you want to work on your employability?
  • ...

Don't hesitate to get support from a coaching professional in French or English!

Take advantage of our individual and personalised coaching services and receive support from one of our coaches. The duration of this support is adapted to your needs. 


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  • Do you know how many hours you want?

Proceed to your registration by clicking at the bottom of this page. A coaching professional will contact you directly to schedule your session(s) with you.

  • You don't know how many hours you need for your support? 

To sign up for individual coaching, contact us at . We will put you in touch with a coaching professional. You will then be contacted by a coach to discuss your needs and determine how much time is needed for your coaching. Following that meeting, we will send you a registration link to proceed with the payment. Once you have completed your registration, your coach will contact you directly to schedule your coaching sessions corresponding to your respective availabilities.

 Be sure to verify that your contact details are up to date on your profile so our coach can contact you.

Attention: Any sessions cancelled with less than 48-hour advance notice will be forfeit.

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Graduates testimony

"I lived in Paris for 10 years in a very stimulating and excellent professional environment, but the other side of the coin was a life of stress, dehumanisation, and progressive loss of meaning. At the same time, I was running on empty and felt unmotivated in my career my wife, who was pregnant with our first child, was fiercely determined to improve our quality of life by returning to our beloved South-West. 

That is why I took the step of engaging in a coaching process with Dominique GALABERT through KEDGE Alumni. 

I would like to testify here to the conditions for the success of a coaching process and also to its effects, which first of all allow you to transform yourself in depth by acquiring a better knowledge of yourself, then by taking action in your interactions with others to communicate better, live better and evolve better. 

It’s essential that there be alchemy between the involvement of the person being coached who comes to the sessions with his authenticity and willingness to move forward, and the benevolent neutrality of the coach who guarantees his or her quality of listening and his or her ability to facilitate constructive solutions. I particularly felt that our relationship, which was based on trust, was why the coaching process was successful. This is why I encourage you to meet or conduct quick telephone interviews with the coaches proposed by KEDGE Alumni in so you can discuss the elements (feeling, tools utilised, the coach’s background, setting goals and prospects, material conditions of your meetings, etc.) to determine if you can successfully work together. In my opinion, this is essential.

Each person must go at their own pace to discover himself or herself first, then give meaning to their objectives before moving towards greater autonomy in reflection and action. What’s remarkable in the coaching process is that the ultimate goal is not to have a long relationship and resolving endless problems, but rather to achieve autonomy of the one being coached, who will gradually gain the tools for reflection, taking a step back, and taking action that promote his or her development.

From my case, the coaching process lasted two years, which I think was necessary to allow time for the maturation of the in-depth changes I needed to achieve to be highly effective. This doesn’t mean that it takes a long time for the effect of coaching only becomes apparent after a long time. However, when an environment is too unstable, insisting on speed to reach goals in a shorter time does not facilitate its success.

I now live in Bordeaux with my family. I left my former employer - something I wouldn't have imagined doing when I began the coaching process - and I'm working in a new field that is much more in line with my values and personal objectives. I would like to thank KEDGE Alumni for giving me the chance to get this support. Additionally, I would also like to thank my coach who was so attentive and helped facilitate the connection to my deepest self, and with whom I shared strong moments of intimacy that allowed me to become whom I am today. I can state that I’ve reached the coaching goals set during our first sessions and that I now have the keys to be autonomous in finding solutions to the challenges I’m confronted with daily in my professional and personal lives".  

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