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Two KEDGE Alumni co-found See U Better Marseille, the partnership for companies to improve their online performance!

Claudia Chalandon and Aurélie Gimet, both 2019 KEDGE graduates, are now at the head of their own digital marketing agency specialising in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

An entrepreneur at heart, Claudia entered the KEDGE Bachelor programme in Marseille in 2014 followed by the Digital Marketing MSc programme in 2017. These two periods were interspersed with internships in digital and CRM in Barcelona and Paris for Le Figaro and Rakuten.

After graduating from KEDGE, she quickly brought her entrepreneurial ambitions to life with the creation of NHÉRA, a sportswear brand that she incubated at the KEDGE Business Nursery.

It was in April 2020, in the middle of the Covid period with its share of reflections and doubts, that Claudia met with the managers of Quality Référencement who made her appreciate the importance of digital in the current context and the possibilities it opens up for the development of companies.

Claudia did not need more to appreciate the opportunity that was taking shape so well that she threw herself into defining the business model and looking for offices for a Quality Référencement See U Better franchise.

She wanted to share this adventure with others to increase complementary personalities, so quite logically she contacted a friend she had met at KEDGE, Aurélie GIMET.



As to Aurélie, she initially wanted to pursue a career in sports medicine after leaving high school (with a BAC S). Her athletic qualifications led her to pursue a degree in cellular biology, which proved to be in line with her interests and showed her that it was time to redirect her career path.

After passing the entrance exam to KEDGE, she started the Digital Marketing MSc programme, which ultimately led to her doing a marketing and communication internship at Altran in Toulouse and then a position as a sector manager at Pepsico in Marseille. After receiving training as a developer, she went on to work for HILTI as a sector manager. "The pace of travel and the lack of enthusiasm for the tasks I was assigned made me decide to find a career that would suit me better and in which I could flourish," explained Aurélie. At the same time, during the Covid-19 crisis, she launched her own communications company, Cocote Creations. 

During this period, she crossed paths with Claudia and together they decided to combine their skills in the See U Better project in Marseille, which opened in September 2020.



Supported by the See U Better franchise network and confident in their business model, Claudia and Aurélie set out to find companies in Marseille and the surrounding area to demonstrate the tremendous potential of using natural referencing to boost sales and performance.

Interpersonal skills, unfailing professionalism, a strong presence with local people and companies, and a contagious good attitude - these traits brought the venture of these two young women to profitability within the first six months.


Located in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, Claudia and Aurélie's See U Better agency wants to be close to its clients and in touch with the economic stakes of companies.

Given this success, and recognising the importance of digital in their business strategy, Claudia and Aurélie have strengthened their team through the hiring of students under work-study contracts, with the prospect of several permanent contracts in 2022. They also admittedly have an unconcealed ambition to shine on a national level, well beyond the borders of Marseille.



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