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Three Alumni are now on the Executive Committee of the KEDGE Foundation!

On December 1st, Murielle Vuong, Laurent Cohen, and Benjamin Gaignault joined the KEDGE Foundation's Executive Committee as qualified members to play a role in deciding the Foundation's strategy for funding.

Three new members, all graduates of KEDGE Business School, have joined the Executive Committee of the Foundation, under the chairmanship of Emeline BOURGOIN. They are all members of College C of the Committee, which is made up of qualified members. 

Mr. Laurent COHEN, CEO of Corania

Laurent Cohen, who graduated in 1997 after having completed KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme, earning a prestigious degree that ranks 10th in the Sigem (Système d'intégration aux grandes écoles de management). Having run the family business for over 20 years, Laurent has acquired extensive expertise in business development and international marketing. In fact, Corania, which was founded in Marseille by the Cohen family more than half a century ago, is a remarkable company which today offers quality and original cosmetic products, promoting Provencal know-how for a truly distinctive approach to perfumery.

Mr. Benjamin GAIGNAULT, Cofounder of Ornikar

Benjamin Gaignault attended KEDGE's Grande Ecole Programme in the late 2000s. He did a work-study programme to train in sales at SFR, a telecom operator, in Aix-en-Provence, France. He completed a work-study programme to train in sales at SFR, a telecommunications operator, in Aix-en-Provence.

After receiving his qualification, he co-founded Ornikar, the famous platform that is revolutionising driving. Energetic and hard-working, Benjamin managed to make his entrepreneurial project a great success. As an angel investor for many startups, he is keen to play an active role in financing new innovative companies that have great potential!

Ms Murielle Vuong, CSR Director at Veepee

Murielle Vuong


Murielle Vuong is a KEDGE Alumna whose degree is in marketing. Currently responsible for sustainable development at Veepee, an e-commerce company that offers online private sales, Murielle is in charge of implementing the company's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The company has also been involved with our students since it officially became a sponsor of the 4th class of the Specialised Masters in Digital Marketing & Data.


By becoming Members of the Committee, Mr Gaignault, Ms Vuong and Mr Cohen:

  • Are spokespersons for the Foundation
  • Vote on funding for positive impact projects
  • Select projects to receive support
  • Contribute to fundraising, events, and communication activities
  • And contribute to the Foundation's strategy!

With this new dynamic, the Foundation aims to increase its influence and expansion in the field by making its message of equal opportunities and inclusion heard loud and clear.

The Foundation: a social and solidarity-based initiative

The KEDGE Business School Foundation, which falls under the aegis of the Fondation de France, was created in 2010. It is a social and solidarity-based initiative which aims to promote access to higher education through the support of donors.

The KEDGE foundation finances:

  • Scholarships for students who join the "Ecole Entrepreneuriale" training programme, a philanthropic project designed for young entrepreneurs.
  • Social grants (since 2011) to provide one-off assistance to KEDGE students who are in dire need.
  • Entrepreneurial grants for startups incubated at the KEDGE Business Nursery.

Additionally, the KEDGE Foundation has set up an emergency fund for our students who have been victims of the Covid crisis, a Wellness programme whose mission is to improve the quality of life and health of students, and regular research funding for pedagogical innovation and the modernisation of teaching facilities.


1M €

social grants paid to students in need

150K €

paid to students affected by the health crisis or refugees from war

291K €

paid to entrepreneurs in the Business Nursery


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