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Sacha ice cream

Sacha Copigneaux, a KEDGE graduate and ice cream chef from Marseilles, shines at the Gelato World Festival in Italy with his unique creation: orange blossom ice cream, roasted pistachio slivers and salted pistachio coulis. As the only representative of

I followed the CESEMED program (international BBA, if I remember correctly) with an exchange leading to a double degree at Tongji University in Shanghai. After finishing my studies at KEDGE, I extended my stay in Shanghai by another year, enrolling at the Chinese language university to master the language. My total stay in China spanned 3 years.

In 2019, back in Marseille, I began an apprenticeship in pastry-making that lasted a year, followed by a year to obtain a CAP glacier. In June 2021, I founded Sacha Glace following these two years of CAP training.

👨‍🍳 The journey of an enthusiast

I've always dreamed of working in the food industry and one day creating my own brand. Cooking and pastry-making have been my passions since I was a child, and I'm a great gourmand. Once I'd passed my baccalauréat, my parents advised me to study for a specialized CAP.

Being from Marseille, I immediately thought of joining Kedge Marseille. The CESEMED international program offered me a lot more in terms of international development and travel. I did my first internship in Paris with a start-up company, then went on exchange to Shanghai to study for a double degree at Tongji University. 🎓

It gave me a very open mind and enabled me to rub shoulders with many entrepreneurs. I did my end-of-study internship with a bespoke luxury suit tailor in Shanghai. After graduating from Kedge in 2018, not really knowing what to do next, I enrolled for a year at a Chinese university to learn Chinese.

In 2019 I decided to move back to Marseille and pursue my passion, patisserie. I began an apprenticeship at Marrou's in Marseille, which wasn't easy. I also discovered artisanal ice-cream making and decided to take an interest.

I then began a CAP Glacier apprenticeship, which I obtained in June 2021, and went on to create Sacha Glace .

Company specializing in the manufacture and delivery of top-of-the-range ice cream in Marseille...

🎓 How has KEDGE helped you in your current project?

Kedge enabled me to discover and acquire global knowledge in the world of business and enterprise, without being an expert in it.

Above all, I'd say it gave me a great deal of open-mindedness and the chance to see and touch a bit of everything in the business world. Thanks in particular to the international exchanges, internships and odd jobs I've had. For my part, I was able to meet entrepreneurs and business leaders in a wide variety of fields, all of whom helped me to grow.

It's a real advantage I have as a Craftsman of good food, I see it in relation to my

colleagues or former apprentices who haven't had the same training.


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