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KEDGE Business School: What is the Alumni Network's strategy? Find out below!

By going to KEDGE BS, you chose to join one of the best Business Schools in France and in Europe. But it also means you chose to join one of the biggest Alumni Networks in France, with more than 54,000 members. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your professional background is, KEDGE BS Alumni has a lot to offer! Let us tell you why and how! 


Bring together our alumni all over the world. 

KEDGE BS Alumni are present on all continents, it is, therefore, essential that we provide you with regular opportunities to meet and share professional and personal opportunities. 

KEDGE BS Alumni is doing just that, notably by supporting initiatives led by more than 200 volunteer alumni, who organise more than 150 events every year in Europe, in Asia, in the Americas, in Africa, and in the Middle-East. These alumni are the core of our network and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to them all. Their everyday investment is greatly appreciated. After work events, professional clubs, conferences: explore all these meet-ups on the Alumni network's website, on the "Calendar" page. These events also provide an opportunity for you to meet representatives from your school/alumni association who frequently travel to meet you.


Harnessing digital technology to build bridges: a wager on the future.

Digital technology plays a key role in helping KEDGERS create and establish links. Thanks to platforms such as  LinkedinFacebook, or Twitter, KEDGE BS organises events, builds bridges, and listens to its alumni. A large array of groups were created to enable you to easily connect and exchange with one another. A great job offer, an apartment for rent, an interesting piece of information? Share with your network first! Got a question, need advice, looking for a contact? Count on your network! These groups also allow you to keep up-to-date with news from your alma mater so that you remain apprised as to how the school is evolving, as well as to any services available to you. To learn more, check out the Map of existing groups on social media.

These tools also provide an efficient means to bring together alumni interested in a wide variety of professional topics, which reflects the diversity your backgrounds and expertise. Don't forget to fill out your profile in the alumni directory so that you can receive all the information that may be of interest to you: having a comprehensive database is the key to having a well-functioning and powerful network. 


Support our alumni throughout their careers

Our mission is also to accompany KEDGE BS students and alumni as they build and evolve in their professional lives. As such, we offer numerous in-person, as well as digital, services that everyone can benefit from: coaching, job fairs, and job offers, mentoring, training... Whether you are looking for a job, considering a career change, creating a business, or looking to recruit, develop your skills, or expand your network, these services are for you! You can learn more about the services we provide on our "Careers" page. You can also sort through the services based on your individual needs, using the available filters. 

These services wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our many volunteer alumni (mentors, coaches, experts...), and we would like to offer them our most heartfelt thanks, as we do all of our Club and Branch managers. 

Finally, our "career" services are also made possible thanks to active partnerships with companies and the cross-sectional work we do with all of the school's different services. Our goal is to continue to develop these partnerships by co-creating new projects with other schools and outside networks, in France and abroad. 

How is the network organised and who manages it?

The Alumni Network's activities did not start with the creation of the new KEDGE BS entity. BEM and Euromed had already been using their respective networks to organise events (locally and aboard) and offer services (directory, job offers, etc.) for many years. After the two schools merged, the different teams and services had to be reorganised to create a unified force: KEDGE BS Alumni. The new joint association is co-Presided over by Nathalie Dumas (Marseille) and Xavier Abadie (Bordeaux) and is represented on the school's Board of Administrators, which means it is in constant contact with the school. KEDGE BS is highly aware of the importance of this network, and, as such, has mobilised many resources, financial of course, by also human, with 5 full-time staff members, to manage the network's everyday operations.

The volunteers, branch managers, professional club managers, mentors, coaches, and other experts, as well as the Board members (all KEDGE BS alumni volunteers) also participate in the life of our network. 

Find more about our teams on the "Presentation" page on our website and on the Branch and Club Managers' profiles on the "Clubs and Branches" page. 


As you can see, your KEDGE BS network doesn't stop when you graduate, it is just getting started! Don't hesitate to take a look at our newly designed website or to contact us if you want any further information. Of course, if you want to get involved with the network, you are welcome to! 


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