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Devenez Responsable D'antenne, De Clubs Ou Bien Mentor…

Our Team


Julie Pachon

Development Manager


Frédérique Gobert

Community Services Manager


Brigitte Van Roy

Co-ordinator - Student Centre & International Branches


Jennifer Lippe

Co-ordinator - Alumni Centre


Robin Larroze

Communication Officer

Xavier Abadie

President of the Bordeaux Alumni Association

Nathalie Dumas

President of the Marseille Alumni Association

« Our strategy firmly focuses on our alumni and aims to accompany them throughout their career, no matter where they are in their careers or what their needs are. »

Why become a Member?

Our thousands of KEDGE Business School Alumni come from different horizons and work in a variety of professional sectors (purchasing, logistics, business, finance, management, marketing, communication, wine, design…); as such, they provide a unique and rich contact base. A powerful network, which we endeavour to maintain.

By becoming a member of our network you gain access to all of the services and tools put in place by KEDGE Business School. For example, the online directory allows you to find contacts in major companies, which can be very useful if you are looking for a job, for new collaborators, or simply want to get back in touch with former classmates. By joining the network, you can also benefit from our services and events for free, or at preferential rates: coaching, job fairs, professional clubs, international meet-ups, support to start your own business, career counselling, mentoring… Learn more about these services here. Becoming a paying member of the association is a good way to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to expand your network. So, what are you waiting for?