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    1. Thursday 15th August
      Afterwork in Sao Paulo

      Attention Kedgers in Sao Paulo ! Our local host, Jérémie Martinez is leaving Brazil and returning to France after having spent 10 years in this "eternal country of the future"!  This Happy Hour, on15 August, is a special...

    2. Monday 9th September

      Using meditation techniques to improve your management practice.  Pedagogical objectives of the training programme:- Practice meditation to improve in serenity and improve your cognitive and emotional skills.- Integrate...

    3. Thursday 19th September
      Geneva : KEDGE Alumni Wine Tasting (1st...

      Formed more than 10 years ago, the KEDGE Alumni Branch of Geneva has rapidly become the most active of the communities of former KEDGE students, after the branches of Paris, Bordeaux, and Marseille. It’s grown so much...

    4. Monday 16th December
      Workshop: Dare to Become an Entrepreneur

      New KEDGE ALUMNI Workshop! “I dreamed of a thousand new paths… I woke up and chose my own.”  Inspired by a Chinese proverb. Do you want to create your own path? Do you ask yourself “Is this the...

    5. Monday 4th May
      FRESH START videoconference enrolment

      Are you a Kedge Business School graduate and want professional retraining? Discover our Fresh Start programme.  Are you in a job and want retraining? Are you looking for a job after working for several years in the same...