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China - Beijing

Today, KEDGE Business School has more than 74,000 alumni on all 5 continents. Our mission: to stimulate and energise the network anywhere our alumni are located through professional clubs and branches abroad. 


China - Beijing

06/03/2018 - Sheng Hong: Embrace Changes with An Open Mind

Sheng HongParticipant of KEDGE EA-DBA ProgrammeVice-President, Board Member & Corporate Secretaryof IKD Co., Ltd. "In line with the current global strategy of the company which targets Europe as the next M&A destination, I chose to attend the EA-DBA programme in KEDGE, not only to recruit potential...

06/03/2018 - Meet Anne-Sophie, a KEDGE Alumna living in Beijing

A freelancer working on audiovisual projects, Anne-Sophie juggles between programming, selling Asian films, and consulting in project development. She spoke to KEDGE about her experience as a French entrepreneur in the Chinese capital, her day-to-day life, and her future projects.   Hello,...

17/01/2018 - Jeron CHEN (KEDGE 2010) : An Artistic Talent in Finance & Investment

Alumni Interview | Jeron CHEN Alumnus of KEDGE Business School IMM Finance & Globalisation Programme2010 Intake He now works for HNA Group, on global investment and M&A. Q: Hi, Jeron! To start with, tell us about your education background before KEDGE. A: I obtained my bachelor’s degree in...

28/09/2017 - Lilly Yuan (EMBA 2011) : A Business Woman's Road to Success

In 2003, she founded a steel import and export business, whose products are now exported to Europe and Africa after 15 years of operations. After obtaining her EMBA degree, she founded Cooljogging in August 2016, a B2B sportswear company specializing in the online sales of specialized UK-made sports...