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Online conference: Live and work in Amsterdam

As part of our monthly

Introduction 👋

Because of the current global health crisis we are living, the 57 international branches of KEDGE Alumni have had to adapt, so this year they are holding a new cycle of conferences highlighting a city, a country, or a region of the world. Today, Hong Kong is the city we will look at through the perspective of those who know it best: our expatriate graduates, who receive support from KEDGE Alumni throughout the year despite living far way thanks to our range of online services.


Conference objectives 🧭️

Led by the KEDGE Alumni teams, together with the students of the Kedger Network Association, branch managers, and local graduates, this participatory conference aims to bring our graduates and students closer together, while answering the questions of Kedgers who are curious about living abroad.

Who's this conference for? 👤

This conference is open to all Kedgers, whether a graduate or a student. Have you already graduated and are thinking of a change of scenery? Are you a student and would like to do an internship in this part of the world? Or are you a Kedger simply curious to hear about the experiences from alumni with a different background from your own? Then this conference is for you!

Programme 📝

  • Introduction by the KEDGE Alumni network 

  • Conversations and dialogues from Alumni living in Hong Kong: what you need to know before choosing to live, whether temporarily or permanently, in Hong Kong
- Employment: salaries, local companies, local economy, risks and opportunities to create a business in HK today, the local alumni network
- Internships: how open the country is to interns, advice on finding an internship, recruiting companies (internships, jobs), start-ups, and other information.
- The environment, lifestyle: safety, freedom of movement, medical care, climate, travel in the city/country, leisure activities, lifestyle of the locals (such as pace, traditions, culture, etc
  • Questions & Answers

Useful Links 📎




Conference led by students of the Kedger Network associations

Kedger Network is the school’s sports and cultural events association. More than just an events association, this team has a key asset: it brings together students and professionals. This helps meet the main challenge of any newcomer to a business school, which is to know what makes up the network. Created in March 2015, it is a young and dynamic association that has seen its projects grow and develop year after year.


  • Free

It remains 128 spots

Registration deadline : 4th November 2020

Registration closed


  • Frédéric CAUFRIEZ
    Sales Team Manager - Collectables - CATAWIKI

    After he got his degree in 2016, Frédéric went to work as an accountant at Mazars USA in New York. In 2017, he took his suitcases to the Netherlands where he got a job as Account Manager France for the auction site In 2019, he became Sales Manager of the Collectables team. Currently, Frédéric is the manager of the Kedge Alumni Branch in Amsterdam.

    Linkedin :
  • Benjamin ROCHET
    Procurement Manager - MCI The Netherlands

    A 2002 KEDGE graduate, Benjamin began his career in Amsterdam and has never left. He’s built up solid expertise in the events planning sector - both operationally, in the agency and commercially, in the hotel business. In 2011, went to work for the Dutch branch of MCI, the world leader in congress and event organisation, to create a department responsible for managing the accommodation of congress participants. In 2015, his work became more purchase-oriented and became Procurement Manager,

    Linkedin :
    Senior Sales Account Executive - Sendcloud

    After she got her degree in 2018, Léa landed an internship at an e-commerce start-up in the Netherlands. After her internship was over, she moved to Amsterdam to join the teams at Virtuagym. With the pandemic, her company ran into difficulty, but through the vitality of the Netherlands Léa quickly found another job at a rising scale-up named Sendcloud. She has lived in the Netherlands for almost two years and, along with Frédéric Caufriez, manages the KEDGE Alumni branch in Amsterdam.

    Linkedin :

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