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In the shoes of our graduates - careers in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Meet our CSR experts: 
Gaëlle Nuattall, Global Climate Change Manager with Nestlé in Lausanne, Switzerland (IBBA 2011);
Romain Deveze, Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Commodities with WWF Switzerland in Zurich (IBBA 2007);
Flore Laurent, Head of Sustainable Development at Maison Saint Laurent, Paris (ESC 2012).


Introduction 👋

We are off again this new year to discover emerging careers. During this webinar, you can meet Alumni experts and get an overview of new careers with impact. From the food-processing industry, fashion,  and NGOs, find out more about these positions that have recently become ensconced in many companies or institutions.  Our graduates will tell you about their jobs at  Nestlé, Saint Laurent, and WWF.




Conference Objectives🧭️

The KEDGE Alumni team, the student association AIESEC Marseille, and the Career Centre, present the profiles of three of our graduates who are experts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. This interactive conference aims to bring our graduates and students closer together while responding to questions from those Kedgers who are curious to learn more about environmental and societal topics, as well as positions with responsibility. 

Who's this online conference for? 👤

Slanted primarily towards our students, this conference is also open to our graduates and anyone else interested in the topic. Are you a student, and would you like to work in this profession one day? Have you already received your degree and want to learn more about this field? Or, are you are a Kedger or someone from outside the school who is simply curious to hear the perspectives of Alumni with a different background from your own? Then this conference is for you!

Programme 📝

  • Introduction by KEDGE Alumni Network
  • Discussions between our Alumni CSR experts living in Switzerland and France
    • Job: career path, expertise, evolution, company, issues, international life
    • Advice: student life, goals, projects
  • Questions and answers

Conference begins at 6:00 pm


Useful Links 📎


AIESEC KEDGE Marseille is assisting in the organisation and facilitation of the conference.

AIESEC KEDGE Marseille is a branch of the AIESEC youth leadership organisation, which operates in more than 127 countries. Its main mission is to give young adults the opportunity to explore and develop their leadership potential to make a positive impact on society. Its main activity is to arrange internships abroad, whether in a company or an NGO.


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Registration deadline : 20th January 2021

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