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Zoom on our coaches: Myriam Soulier

"The future is not something that arrives, but rather something that we make," Henri Bergson

With KEDGE Alumni, you can receive support from a professional coach.

Her background 🔎

I've been a professional coach since 2009, and am committed to supporting executives and managers in their personal and professional development.


The question we are asking ourselves today is: "How can we reinvent ourselves in a complex and demanding environment that sets the conditions for a necessary transformation?


MBTI (personality profile) and EQI (emotional IQ) certified, as well as trained in NLP, meditation, hypnotherapy, and certain mind-body practices, I employ an original approach that helps us to reconnect with our desires - a dynamic that fosters confidence and creativity, frees us from our narrow frames of reference and offers the opportunity to reinvent ourselves:

  • Reinvent your way of being: manage your stress and emotions, learn to recentre yourself and regain confidence in the face of the tumult of daily life.
  • Reinvent your professional goals: identify your core values, find the right structure and project to express your uniqueness, feel like you belong, and rediscover the enjoyment and pleasure of taking action.
  • Reinvent your management style: question your authority as a leader, establish a framework of trust, and adopt managerial practices that stimulate collective intelligence and encourage commitment.

💬  What the coachees say: 

"Myriam's guidance, given with authenticity and a smile, helped me to regain my equilibrium and centred, which had been in flux for several weeks. [...]I came out of the sessions extremely positive and equipped with an action plan to move forward in the direction I wanted to go, thanks to the insight I gained during the session.”

Workshops led by Myriam this year👩‍🎓

👉 Dare to become an entrepreneur: a workshop to help you challenge yourself and take the leap into entrepreneurship!

👉 Fresh Start: get support in your professional repositioning.

👉 Breath: reinvent your way of being in the world. Learn to pause, re-centre yourself, reconnect with that part of yourself that brings joy, creativity, and energy and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

💡 You can also receive individual support from one of our coaches. See what options are available by clicking on the link below.

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