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Professional Repositioning with Fresh Start


Are you currently employed and want to change careers? Are you looking for a job after working for several years in a company? Would you like to receive support in your professional repositioning venture?

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the Fresh Start programme by videoconference. This service is available to EVERYONE, no matter where they’re located! The programme

  • Encourages you to reflect upon your professional evolution.
  • Helps you assess your career path and the knowledge you've acquired, and identify your strengths, assets, and areas for improvement in order to transform the latter into avenues for growth.
  • Helps you plan for the future through setting up a career plan and engagement in a dynamic process of change and progress.
  • Helps you draw up an action plan with you to define the means and actions needed to be taken to realise your plans.

Who's it for?

  • Graduates currently working who are wanting to change careers.
  • Graduates who are looking for work but who don’t yet have an exact plan, and who have the time to develop one.


Two formats are available :

& Outsiders
Group workshop
+ individual sessions
6 people max.

Video conférence 

14h group
3h30 individual 
Workshops scheduled
during the year  



Individual coaching

Video conférence 

10h On request French
Be sure to verify that your contact details are up to date in your profile
to facilitate contact between you and the coach







300 €
600 €

325 €

Not accessible to externals 

Led by


A professional coach since 2009, I'm committed to supporting executives and managers in their personal and professional development.

A question that is being asked today is: "How can we reinvent ourselves in a complex and demanding environment that sets out the conditions for a necessary transformation?"

MBTI (personality profile) and EQI (emotional IQ) certified, as well as trained in NLP, meditation, hypnotherapy, and certain mind-body practices, I employ an original approach that helps us to reconnect with our desires - a dynamic that fosters confidence and creativity, frees us from our narrow frames of reference, and offers the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. 

  • Reinvent your way of being: manage your stress and emotions, learn to refocus and regain confidence in the face of the tumult of daily life
  • Reinvent your professional goals: identify your core values, find the right structure and project to express your uniqueness and feel in your place, and rediscover the taste and pleasure of taking action
  • Reinvent your management style: question your authority as a leader, establish a framework of trust, and adopt managerial practices that stimulate collective intelligence and encourage commitment.

Find out more about Myriam SOULIER 


Graduate testimonials

"I participated in a professional reconversion workshop with Myriam offered by my former school, KEDGE Business School. The support I received was truly instrumental in laying the groundwork for my desire to change. Myriam is a great listener and helps us to overcome the barriers that we put in our way and that can impede our motivation or confidence to change careers. The group and individual workshops allow for relaxed discussions in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. In short, I can only recommend Myriam and this workshop!

"I started out on this coaching course completely "lost", no longer knowing where I stood in relation to my professional future nor the usefulness of the training I was currently receiving. With Myriam, I started to accept taking time and repositioning myself by exploring what was essential to me. She helped me shift my thinking to a different direction, by becoming aware of everything that makes me who I am, even though I was in a period of uncertainty. Her genuine listening and proven caring were also very important in our discussions and in building a trusting relationship."

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