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Zoom on our coaches: Guylaine Di Giorgio

"It's not the situation that changes, it's the vision you bring to it that gives it new meaning and direction".

Get support from a professional coach with KEDGE Alumni. 

Introducing our coach 🔎


As a trainer and coach for 10 years, and a recruiter for almost 20, Guylaine Di Giorgio has had experience in a variety of areas, including recruiting, sports coaching, wine, advertising, etc. She is also trained in positive psychology and the IKIGAï method.

"I've lived a thousand lives with one thing in common, that of supporting others". 


What motivates her is the knowledge that every person has talent and potential to offer and that it is possible to bring it out. She adapts her methodology to the person she is coaching and uses a direct, caring, energetic, and positive approach


Based on the principles of collaboration, sharing, and humour, her coaching sessions will not only help you to see situations from a different angle to get a better understanding of their different aspects but to also bring new meaning to your goals. According to Guylaine, success and fulfilment are linked to the enjoyment we take in doing things. 


👉 Guylaine’s main activities:

  • Trains recruiters, human resources professionals, and managers. 
  • Runs personal and professional development workshops for students.
  • Provides support for skills assessment, the IKIGAÏ method, VAE, professional positioning, and change management.
  • Facilitating team building sessions focusing on a common purpose within a team or a company.

💬 What those she's coached have to say:

"I have attended, and still attend, Guylaine's workshops and coaching sessions. It's a real pleasure to discuss what recruiters think and how to develop yourself and your professional identity to reach your goals. From the very first workshop I attended, I changed my perception of the job search. Thanks to her positive attitude, expertise, and empathy, Guylaine's employability workshops have had a real impact on my life. She's been an asset in my job search and I can only highly recommend her skills!” Elisa Merdy (Class of 2021)

“I called on Guylaine through KEDGE Alumni in order to evaluate myself. Working on oneself is not an easy task, but Guylaine did a good job of it. 

Thanks to the tools she provided me with, I was able to analyse my situation and understand exactly where I was, as well as what anymore. She also helped me prepare for a job interview and gave me the necessary elements to be able to orientate myself and approach the interview with confidence. I highly recommend her. She's very personable and helps you to understand yourself better during sensitive periods in your career."  Kedger who prefers to remain anonymous. 

Workshops led by Guylaine Di Giorgio this year👩‍🎓

👉 Special Support for Recent Graduates: Start your job search with confidence

💡 Individual coaching: Benefit from personalised support regardless of what you are facing in your career (reconversion, new challenges, HR difficulties, etc.)

💡 Take Stock of Your Career: Get support in analysing your career and assessing your situation to guide your future professional choices



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