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Credit:La Spiritueuse

Zoom on Céline Delcourt, KEDGE graduate and founder of La Spiritueuse

Céline Delcourt (Class of 2011) founded La Spiritueuse in 2019, an unexpected encounter between the softness of candles and the intense aroma of Cognac...

Céline Delcourt, her background

In love with the Charente region, Céline set up her own design business, CDDESIGN in Cognac in 2012. She’s developed a genuine affection for the Cognac universe and its aromatic palette over the years. Wanting to deepen her experience and more particularly her sense of smell, she naturally turned to a friend who was a Cellar Master to learn the subtleties of this liquor. Her senses were awakened to this art... Enamoured by the incredible richness of Cognac Eaux-de-vie, Céline discovered a certain adroitness in the exploration of scents. This personal journey led her to dream up a brand of scented candles: La Spiritueuse.

An unexpected encounter between the softness of candles and the intense aroma of Cognac...

La Spiritueuse is an invitation to travel through high-end, handcrafted, 100% natural and eco-friendly scented candles.


The candle has become an essential accessory for our homes. It’s a part of our daily lives and also makes the perfect gift. This is why we wanted to create more than just a simple candle... it's an olfactory experience that will awaken all your senses.

Independent, amateur art enthusiasts, mindful of everything around us, and most of all passionate about the world of spirits, we want to develop some of our senses and passions in a new way.


La Spiritueuse brings together two arts: High Perfumery and Premium Spirits. Both share common sensory characteristics such as an aromatic palette, intensity, depth, and the power to evoke...

The creations

Discover three exceptional scented candles: La Vigne, L'Alambic and Le Chai. Additionally, they offer three perfumed ceramic medallions from Limoges to add fragrance and decoration to your home.


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