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Zoom on Alexis Valero, KEDGE graduate and co-founder of Rzilient

A graduate of KEDGE's Grande Ecole Programme (Class of 2013), Alexis co-founded Rzilient, an all-in-one IT management platform for small- and medium-sized businesses.

After studying at KEDGE and earning a Master in Marketing and Strategy, Alexis had several significant experiences in implementing expansion and innovation strategies, and brand projects (Rakuten, Netflix, Spotify, Dailymotion).

I have great memories of my time at KEDGE 💬

I did KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme, with a focus on business, strategy and marketing, and was able to put what I was learning to good use by being involved in - not only the student body association - but in student life in general. And that gave me a lot. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of travelling through university exchanges. 


The school allowed me to develop a set of skills - soft skills - which made it possible for me to meet a lot of people, join networks that would have been out of my reach without the knowledge I had acquired, and helped me to create my company, Rzilient.


Get out of your comfort zone to try things out and learn from your mistakes. It’s normal to make them. My years spent at KEDGE were some of the best years of my life: so above all else, enjoy the experience!

In 2020, Alexis and his long-time friend Quentin realised that IT is complex, expensive, and has a lot of negative impacts on both the environment and the productivity of companies. So they decided to venture into impact entrepreneurship, first creating the Rzilient Agency, a sustainable innovation agency, to help companies determine their sustainability goals and then address them. The company then evolved into Rzilient, an all-in-one IT management solution for SMEs and IT professionals.

Rzilient, the all-in-one IT asset management platform 🖥️ 🌱

Rzilient is the all-in-one IT management platform for small- and medium-sized companies. It provides simple, automated, secure, and sustainable IT inventory management: from the administration of IT tasks via a single interface to operational functions with just a few clicks, to flexible procurement options (purchase or leasing, new or refurbished).


The added value for companies is the increased lifespan of their IT systems, due to the intelligent monitoring of their performance, the deployment of predictive maintenance, and the management of the end-of-life of their assets, which saves time, money, and carbon emissions.


This unique offer ensures that SMEs have access to a next-generation solution that allows them to effectively and responsibly carry out their digital transformation.

Alexis, can you tell us a bit more about it? 🤗

In its first year, Rzilient saw exceptional growth and successfully structured itself to best meet the needs of a growing and enthusiastic market in as short a time as possible. A year after its creation in February 2020, we officially launched the platform and started to attract customers. Now we have over 250 customers and have closed a first round of financing at over 1.7 million euros. We are currently working on a second round of financing with Tudigo. Our team has grown from 4 people to 30, divided between our Paris and Barcelona offices. In early 2022, we decided to expand our operations to the Spanish market. Great progress characterised by a lot of small successes!

The platform's development has not stopped accelerating since its launch, with new features being introduced regularly. The latest is the iT Room - an intelligent IT projection and management tool that lets anyone assess the health of their IT assets and determine what actions need to be undertaken to optimise their performance. The iT Room also allows users to visualise the environmental impact of their IT equipment.


Technologically, the future of our SaaS platform will be to form blocks that are easily linkable and adaptable to different HR, accounting, and other software already being used in companies. Of course, we will also work on improving our IT Room to give it an AI dimension. A system for predicting and automating actions and improvements will thus be enriched and become an essential tool for simpler, less expensive, and less carbon-intensive IT management.


 We have made our packages scalable and tailored to our customers and their needs. We intend to continually set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering a full range of services with our platform and a customer experience that meets their needs. The goal? To be the go-to, all-in-one IT management solution for businesses - a true next-generation IT partner! 

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