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YPIK: Your Partner Is Kapital, puts the power of the KEDGE alumni network to work for startups

What is Ypik?

YPIK supports and accelerates the development of high-potential startups, by promoting meaningful projects. It facilitates the fund-raising in the seed phase (Pre-Seed or Seed) of companies mostly created by KEDGE graduates, giving them access to reputable crowdfunding solutions.

Combining the strength of France's largest alumni network with the power of several committed investor clubs, YPIK is the partner of choice for successful projects. Your Partner Is Kapital.

Innovative and unique in France

YPIK puts the power of the KEDGE alumni network to work for startups

We're used to seeing investment funds set up by alumni of certain schools, but these funds are often created by, and for, a very limited number of investors.

On the other hand, YPIK aims to democratize investment in startups by enabling all KEDGE alumni to participate, thanks to partnerships between the association and crowdfunding companies such as LITA.

YPIK multiplies the impact of a crowdfunding action by giving it access to the largest alumni network of business school graduates in France, namely the KEDGE Alumni network, and by giving it access to more ambassadors and funders, at no extra cost.

It's both a project that makes sense and a circular approach, as part of the fees received by the crowdfunding company finance both the KEDGE Alumni association and the KEDGE foundation.

This is the first initiative in France involving collaboration between crowdfunding companies and an alumni association. The KEDGE Alumni Association is the first to launch it in France.


YPIK supports startups mostly created by KEDGE BS alumni

80% of the projects supported by YPIK are co-founded by KEDGE Business School alumni or supported by KEDGE Entrepreneurship. It's a way of supporting new generations and giving them a better chance.

A circular concept for better shared value

The funds raised for each project go to the startup, and only a small percentage is allocated to the crowdfunding company, which will transfer part of its fees to the KEDGE Alumni network, which will transfer 50% to the KEDGE Foundation for Responsible Management.

Respect for the environment and positive impact projects

YPIK has made the conscious choice to focus mainly on startups whose projects aim to create a positive impact. Whether it's to better respect the environment, participate in the decarbonization movement, or promote equality between genders and minorities.


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