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Uniting and equipping companies with unique, long-lasting, and quality items

Club tina, founded in 2022 by two KEDGE graduates, Astrid and Marie, offers the design and creation of unique items for your teams.

After launching a marketplace of eco-responsible fashion brands, these young entrepreneurs from Bordeaux, childhood friends, and KEDGE graduates, finally decided to target the BtoB market with team apparel. 

They say that this new model, whose original mission has not changed, allows them: "to have a faster impact on the textile industry;  a single order can mean that between 30 and 1,000 sweaters are not produced on the other side of the world”.

At a time when consumers want to buy more locally, when young workers are looking for a sense of purpose, and when companies are allocating an increasing amount of their budget to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies,  Club tina offers companies a service for the design and manufacture of unique pieces, 100% and sustainably made in Europe.


" We believe that a sense of belonging is one of the main keys to a company's success and that it must be built around strong, healthy, and common values that are shared by all employees."

Club tina specialises in personalised corporate apparel and designs and manufactures a range of basic items in Europe that professionals can personalise from A to Z according to their desires.


Through their different ranges, customers can choose between:

  • Personalise (branding, labels, colours, etc.) one of the pieces from Club tina's basics collection
  • Reuse (by customising them) second-hand or unsold pieces,
  • Or finally, having your own item 100% made to measure...

As you can see, whatever your need, Club tina adapts and responds, always offering you the most sustainable option out there. And as a bonus, with responsiveness and friendliness!



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