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Two Kedgers have launched TINA: the e-shop that scouts for ethical and trendy brands

KEDGE graduates, Marie and Astrid are the founders of TINA: an online shop that finds, analyses, and offers the best in ethical fashion for everyone.


Marie and Astrid met at KEDGE on its Bordeaux campus (International EBP). The two students and their roommate then earned double degrees at the University of Lisbon so they could specialise in Finance from their second year.



In her third year, Marie did two internships in the import-export of wines and spirits, first in Montreal, then in Miami before launching The Job Digger (an agency that recruits interns for companies in Miami) so that she could get her foot in the door of entrepreneurship. "I continued that business for three years at the same time I attended school, which allowed me to enter into ESCP Business School," she said. 

On her side, Astrid had marketing internships in various sectors before launching Dadoux Chaussons, an e-shop for Polish handmade shoes, also at the same time as her studies. 

Subsequently, Marie entered the Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership programme at ESCP Europe, and Astrid the Marketing & Brand Management MSc at KEDGE. After that, Astrid worked at Farmitoo (an agricultural equipment marketplace) before becoming its Head of Operations in January 2020. 

As for Marie, she went to work for the startup Side (a platform for temporary employment) as a talent acquisition manager and then later talent development manager. "At the same time, I launched a company delivering meals to companies (Nextdays) with an alumnus of Entrepreneurship Master programme at ESCP. I left Side in March 2020 in order to start a full-time project that had meaning and would have a strong impact"

The two friends were always close, and as they each had carried out entrepreneurial projects during their schooling, they wanted to join forces. "We often shared potential ideas, and during the confinement period, along with Astrid’s sister Marie (the artistic director at BETC), we started to reflect on the subject of ethical fashion and its lack of accessibility.” 

"It immediately worked very well between the three of us despite the distance. We complement each other nicely, so we decided to go for it. That’s how Tina was born!" The website was then launched on 14 July and 20 brands are now available.




More than a simple e-shop, Tina is positioned as a trusted partner for both their brands and customers:

  • For the brands, we offer them visibility and access to new customers but, most of all, we pass along their messages, share their stories, and carry their values;
  • For our clients, We offer the most beautiful, ethical, and responsible fashion pieces in one place. By analysing the labels and providing you with comprehensive information, we assist you in moving towards a more responsible textile consumption.


Tina is currently raising funds through a participatory fundraising campaign in order to accelerate its development, improve its offers and content, enhance its website, and increase its visibility and community.



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