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This Kedger has launched a digital "growth agency” that is shaking up the industry.

Quentin Hervé, a 2016 graduate of KEDGE’s EBP international programme and former start-up entrepreneur, has returned to entrepreneurship as the co-founder of the digital agency We Growth - a growth agency for start-ups, VSEs, and SMEs.

What is We Growth? 

We Growth was created in response to something we observed. Given the immensity of the digital world and the opportunities it offers, too few companies and start-ups manage to exploit it effectively or feel confident with their partner agencies.

That's why we founded We Growth. With teams comprised of digital experts, former start-up entrepreneurs, and consultants who specialise in digital transformation, we offer our clients the same kind of frugality and performance that start-ups use.


What makes We Growth different from others? 

Our working methods are somewhat unusual. There are no long meetings, boring PowerPoint presentations, or long wordy emails. We use the OKR (Objectives Key Results) methodology with measurable goals for each trimester. The We Growth staff member(s) working on the project has free rein to employ any of the Growth tactics needed to achieve the targets. Our focus is on performance.

It’s this freedom to act and be creative that enables us to attract the talent we need. From our experience in start-ups and digital transformation, we know that the success of a company or a project depends on the people who work there. That's why we attach great importance to maintaining a healthy, collaborative, and trusting work environment within our teams and with our clients.

Our mascot, Ralph - the working cocker spaniel of the co-founder of We Growth - a real driving force for the team!


Who are the current clients of We Growth?

We currently have clients in Paris and Bordeaux. In Paris, we are working with many start-ups to get them from the Pre-Product market phase to the Go-To market phase. We also work with more mature start-ups to accelerate their growth. In addition to start-ups, we also work with leading SMEs, such as the events group behind the popular Maisons & Objets trade show, and with smaller companies in sectors where there is little digitalisation and in which everything needs to be done.

 In Bordeaux, we are currently working with FLOA (the former Casino bank of the Casino-Cdiscount Group), with a focus on the performance of the consumer's subscription path and the development of their B2B market.

In terms of results, the numbers are impressive:

  • +33% of conversion on the subscription path
  • +20% of organic traffic (SEO) in 3 months
  • +15% of e-commerce sales in 6 weeks
  • Assistance to start-ups in their raising of funds


We Growth? Growth Hacking? What’s the connection?

In France, we hear about Growth Hacking, sometimes as if it's a magic wand that generates additional revenue. At other times it's referred to as an unconventional technique (perhaps even one that doesn't comply with some legal regulations). The concept was created in 2011 by Sean Ellis. When it was imported into France in 2015, it was limited to a set of well-known hacks (meaning the techniques employed) and sending mass prospecting emails. 

However, Growth is a mindset that focuses on developing virtuous and sustainable growth by leveraging data and taking an extremely paced, iterative approach. Palmyre, the co-founder of We Growth, and I had the honour of working with Sean in 2018 and 2019. This helped us establish our vision of We Growth. That vision that was expounded upon in 2020 with Brian Belfour, the former Growth VP of Hubspot, when we discussed what Growth is and should be in the holistic sense of the word, as well the various operational techniques used. 

In fact, in terms of levers, we often find ourselves "playing" with SEO (natural referencing), paid (SEA - search engine ads, social media ads), funnel optimisation (UX), tools (installation and configuration of CRM), and even starting earlier by defining the digital strategy or creating the websites and applications.


What are the opportunities for growth of We Growth itself?

They are the same as for our clients. In fact, we've grown a lot over the last few months, and our own performance has proven how effective we are. We have thus earned the trust of our clients, and it has helped us land new projects.

We’ve already changed locations twice since we launched five months ago. Obviously, we’re delighted by this and hope to continue in this direction.

For the longer term, the opportunities for We Growth are multiple, so we will see how things evolve.  Maybe we’ll create our own incubator for start-ups or develop our own SaaS tools. Or maybe simply consider selling.

If you'd like to discuss your growth challenges and find out how digital technology can help your company’s growth, we can meet for a coffee in Paris or Bordeaux.



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