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Trail des 13 Sommets: Discover KEDGE graduate Théo's commitment to the Provence region

I'm embarking on an adventure where every kilometer tells a story, every climb challenges the mind and strengthens the body. I'm running not just to reach a finish line, but to forge an unbreakable bond with the land that supports me.

🎓 An invested kedger

Originally from Provence, joining Kedge Business School was an obvious choice for me, especially as its internationally-focused IBBA program perfectly matched my aspirations.

During my years at Kedge, I put my theoretical knowledge into practice through various entrepreneurial initiatives, such as online sales on Amazon and currency trading. The school also made me aware of the importance of sustainability in business, encouraging me to get involved in sustainable development projects.

My internships, notably as a project manager and community manager, offered me enriching and complementary experiences. What's more, my university exchanges in Hungary and the Netherlands strengthened my interest in international business and cultural differences.

Although I regret not having been more active in the school's community life, my involvement in concrete projects, such as the clean-up of the Calanques and my dissertation on sustainable tourism in Provence, were highlights of my time at Kedge.

In short, my experience at Kedge Business School has shaped my entrepreneurial and responsible vision, preparing me to be an environmentally and socially aware leader in the business world.

🚀 Entrep'Runner

My company is a consulting firm specializing in business development. I help Canadian companies develop their business in Europe, and European companies develop their business in Canada . Today, I focus on companies in the new technology sector . I also help them obtain financing through grants and non-dilutive financing.

I also help them implement marketing and prospecting strategies through sales tunnels to improve their results in the short to medium term.

Finally, my job consists of doing some time in companies to help them get more customers and improve their existing strategy.

🏔️ Trail des 13 sommets, a passion above all else

  • Gradually, I'd like to get into business development in outdoor sports and mountain brands, as I'm passionate about this sector and know the market well, so I'd like to make an impact.

  • The Trail des 13 sommets project is in fact a kind of personal pleasure that I'm pursuing in parallel with this professional activity, the aim being to break even financially with a stimulating project that will enable me to learn, have fun and pay homage to the territories that cradled my childhood. It's a personal adventure in which I'm going to run 170 km and 6,000 vertical metres across the Bouches-du-Rhône department and its mountain ranges. The aim is to make a documentary to leave a trace while promoting sustainable practices, local economic players and the cultural and natural riches of our department.


For the future, my objective is clear: to continue training in business management through a variety of experiences, whether in start-ups, large companies or personal projects. Over the next five years, I aim to create a company with sustainable impact, constantly exploring new ideas and striving for a better world. While learning from each experience, I plan to remain open to learning and not rush into creating a big company. Currently working as a consultant in my small EURL, this practical experience is an essential springboard towards entrepreneurship.

My ambition is to make a career in a field I love, putting forward the values I hold dear, while making sure that my professional activities don't get too mixed up with my personal passions. As far as my social life is concerned, I consider it to be essential to my balance, as are my community commitments. Despite my many goals, I know it's crucial to prioritize them to stay focused. On the sporting front, I'm determined to progress in running, constantly pushing my limits and finding parallels between sport and the business world. My mantra for the future: go for it without getting discouraged.


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