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Star influencer and KEDGE graduate, Bruno Maltor, has launched his own clothing brand - Périples

Périples is a brand of travel clothing and accessories to bring together the curious, the novice, the veterns, the adventurers... For all those who explore the world and those who don't hesitate to get up early to go roam it.

With over a million followers on social networks, Bruno Maltor is now one of the most followed travel bloggers in France. In 2014, he boldly turned down a permanent contract with TF1 to pursue his passion and started his blog: Votre Tour du Monde. It was a risky gamble, but it paid off as he is now considered to be an authority in the travel industry.

Authentic and smiling, this lover of the world and its treasures is working on many projects. After the "Verre du voyageur", an event that brings together tourism lovers for a drink, and his board game "Votre Tour du Monde", Bruno is now launching his own brand of travel clothing and accessories called "Périples". With Périples, he offers quality products that reflect the values that allow French-speaking travellers to find each other, whether they are hiking in the Cantal, touring Europe by train...

A person who wears or carries an item by Périples is French-speaking, caring, with good vibes. It's also someone who travels with humility, far from the arrogance that we can sometimes see when travelling. - Bruno Maltor.

For Bruno, Périples is mainly about wanting to bring together responsible travellers through a responsible brand that represents them. "We've done everything to measure up to your expectations by taking the time to choose our partners. Our idea is simple: to go back to the essentials, to produce all of our collections while respecting the planet and the people who are involved in this beautiful adventure."



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