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Reunion weekend for the class of 1991

We headed to Carry-le-Rouet for a very special occasion rich in emotions!

It all started during the lockdown and the infamous video aperitifs. On the initiative of several Class of 1991 graduates, and with the help of the KEDGE Alumni staff, no fewer than 87 graduates and their partners jumped back in time and met up again 30 years later...

4 days in the sun of Carry-le-Rouet ✨

30 years after their graduation and nothing has changed! The ties that they formed, their laughter and good humour, their desire to celebrate or even make mischief ( yes, yes, we assure you that the visit to the campus was slightly chaotic 😉 ) ... time made no impact on this graduating Class!


During the Ascension weekend, they got together at a holiday club with many activities on the agenda (beach, swimming pool, pétanque, the Calanques...) and a "reunion" event worthy of their student parties! Without forgetting, of course, a little trip to the school to see how their former Sup de Co has changed.


But who better than the graduates to tell you about this weekend? 


👉 "It was a moving reunion with students I hadn't seen since 1991. And the secretary of our student office. A lot of joy and nostalgia were felt yesterday. And the passing of the years has not changed people at all." Alain


👉 "Life is good when you are surrounded by so many good people... There were so many wonderful things and memories to talk about... ." Franck


👉 "What a joy and pleasure to have seen you all again! Let's keep and repeat these precious moments of friendship! Much better than a facelift to lose 30 years." Anne-Marie


👉 "I have the feeling that we've rediscovered, from the very depths of our being, the authenticity, the fellowship and the joy that we shared when living together in Luminy. Olivier


👉 "A real fountain of youth and a moment of pure happiness." Isabelle 

See all the photos of the reunion below 👇

Photo gallery


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