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Meeting with Thibault, KEDGE graduate and co-founder of Foud, a successful restaurant franchise!

Founded in 2019 by Thibault Amat (class of 2010) and two friends, Foud (formerly "Popote") is a success and offers real meals with French recipes, including vegetarian ones, that are both gourmet and friendly, healthy and balanced.

Foud is a real bistro cuisine, "homemade", to discover and to heat up at lunchtime for those who do not have the time, the desire or the possibility to cook. 


Would you like to know more? Who better than Thibault Amat , graduate of KEDGE Bachelor and co-founder of Foud , to tell you about it.

Meeting with Thibault Amat 💬

To begin with, can you tell us about your background and your years at KEDGE.

After my BAC, I joined the KEDGE Bachelor in 2008. After obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I did a year's internship in an e-business site. Wanting to further strengthen my marketing and digital skills, I returned to the school for a MSC Marketing in 2011, to graduate once again in 2013. 


Then, I spent almost 10 years within the Editor Group, progressively climbing the ranks: marketing manager, webmarketing manager, marketing director and finally Chief Digital Officer.

How did KEDGE help you become what you are today, and how did its teachings help you in the development of your project?

Very quickly, the notion of "entrepreneurship" develops at KEDGE: gaining self-confidence, being autonomous in one's actions and not being afraid to launch oneself.  All of these elements help to sharpen the entrepreneurial instinct, and thus to see clearly into one's professional project. 

Can you tell us about your company and describe your job?

Foud, it's the balanced recipe between cooking and digital !  But also, "Yesterday's cuisine for today's people!"


Simple and easy ordering, local products that respect the cycle of the seasons, with real cooking with good, healthy and comforting dishes... All modes of consumption are possible: By delivery (70% of the activity), on the spot or to take away within our outlets and partners.


Foud is alsoi 70,000 online orders per year, so we have to deal with all digital issues: acquisition, loyalty, data, social networks, technology and information systems. 


With my two partners, each role is well defined according to our skills. For my part, I take care of the whole business development (26% of our BtoB activity), marketing and technology in general. 

What are your development objectives for the future?

We have launched our franchise network to accentuate the development : our first franchisee, located in Aix-les-Milles will finish its construction phase in April 2023. A very big project has also just been validated a few days ago, I can't tell you too much about it for the moment, but it should see the light of day during 2024.

If you had to give one piece of advice to KEDGE graduates and students who would like to do what you did, what would it be?

Having confidence in your skills, being curious and learning on a daily basis will allow you to successfully complete all your projects... You must dare to be an entrepreneur! 


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