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Meeting with Pauline, KEDGE alumni and founder of La Picorée, which offers positive, gourmet nutrition!

Faced with malnutrition with two grandfathers who died of cancer, Pauline Renard (class of 2014) created La Picorée in January 2021 with the ambition of restoring the taste for life and food to the elderly and cancer patients.

In France, more than 2 million people suffer from malnutrition, so yes, the stakes are high for Pauline and her team: " The products distributed in hospitals or pharmacies are efficient but ultra-processed and unattractive. At La Picorée, we are convinced that the answer to undernutrition cannot be exclusively a high-performance diet. Eating must above all remain a pleasure! Taste and naturalness are non-negotiable imperatives " says Pauline.

An innovative nutritional supplement to fight against undernutrition

" After 18 months of Research and Development, we are pleased to offer the first hyperprotein and hyperenergetic sweet and savory cakes with 87 to 89% organic ingredients made in France ," she explains. Marketed under the name " Les P'tits Pep's ", these little gourmet and natural cakes represent an innovative alternative to the many unappetizing nutritional supplements distributed in pharmacies and care institutions.


After the launch in August 2022 of a first vanilla-almond reference, tested and approved at 85% on a panel of 60 patients in the oncology-geriatrics department of the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM), La Picorée has been offering for a few weeks now a new Tomato-Provençal herb reference. " This savory version is a real alternative in a market of high-protein and high-calorie products largely dominated by sweet products, such as cream desserts or milk drinks ," says Pauline.

Support the project until May 13!

In order to accelerate its development, La Picorée, supported by the BIC and MedVallée, is launching its crowdfunding campaign on the WEDOGOOD platform from March 13 to May.


"Our goal: to reach 100 000 euros! Investing in royalties means supporting projects that are close to your heart. It is a fair investment solution that respects your interests and those of the entrepreneurs. In exchange for your investment, you will receive a share of the company's turnover every 3 months for 5 years. All investors will receive 3% of the turnover for 100 000€ (maximum) invested. Your share will be proportional to your investment. Individuals and companies can invest " explains Pauline.


The campaign lasts until May 13, 2023.Go to:

Ambitions for the future?

" To validate our products on an industrial scale, to set up a reactive logistic circuit, to succeed in the commercial launch of the products and to finance its seed phase, La Picorée has done it and it works! Today, we want to propose new ranges of nutritional supplements, develop new distribution channels and grow the team ", says Pauline.

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