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Interview with Karine Piccone, KEDGE graduate and founder of Kinaré

A 2001 graduate of KEDGE Bordeaux, Karine Piccone supports companies in their business development with Kinaré, a company she founded in 2021.

After a rich and diversified career in sales (Area Manager, National Key Account Manager, National Sales Director), marketing (Marketing Manager, Launch of innovations) and cross-functional functions (Launch of the Sodastream brand on the French market, Member of the CODIR), Karine would like to devote the second part of her career to passing on her expertise and know-how in the service of companies.

Kinaré offers Consulting, Coaching and Training in the following areas: Marketing, Sales, Negotiation and Management. Above all, Karine's values of listening, knowing how to be, and building relationships enable her to help her customers achieve their goals.

Meeting with Karine Piccone

How has KEDGE helped you to become what you are today, and how has its teaching helped you to develop your project?

KEDGE is of course the starting point for my entire professional career. Over and above the high quality of its theoretical and practical teaching, what I remember most about KEDGE (and which was the main reason I chose the school in the first place) was the autonomy we were given in our career path. As a result, I was able to take a gap year at Heudebert and a 4-month academic stay in Finland: two very formative experiences both professionally and personally.

I would say that my 4 years at KEDGE have developed my sense of responsibility, my desire to learn and to share with those around me.

The generalist courses I was able to follow, but also all the examples of alumni entrepreneurs, obviously made it easier for me to set up my own business.

Can you tell us more about your project and describe your job?

I support companies in their business development, helping managers of start-ups, small businesses and SMEs to expand in their markets.

Smaller companies are not always structured to develop their marketing strategy, find customers, sell their products, manage their team, ...

I work with them in a collaborative, structuring and caring way, according to the different stages of their company's life.

For example, I helped Caps Me with its development, not only with product marketing, but also with key account negotiations and the recruitment of their account manager.

I also trained and coached Rubato's founder and his new employee in prospecting and sales.

What are your development goals for the future?

My primary objective is to continue working with startups and small businesses that have a real need to structure and develop their business.

I want to bring them my know-how, so that their ideas can develop to the height of their ambitions. A little help is often all that's needed, and that's why I created Kinaré.


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