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Meeting staff from the KEDGE Business School Foundation

Eric, Diane, Morgane, and Evelyne work at the Fondation KEDGE Business School. Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, it supports students, research, entrepreneurship, and philanthropic projects of the school.

Eric Sirven is in charge of entrepreneurship and philanthropy at KEDGE, and as such manages the Foundation's team and determines its strategic orientations. Diane Le Nay and Morgane Metz are in charge of the actual fundraising: they collect donations from companies, individuals, and public partners. And lastly, Evelyne Putero is in charge of administrative and financial matters.

They agreed to tell us about themselves and the activities that have been carried out by the Foundation thanks to the generosity of its donors.


How is the money you raise through the Foundation used?

As you no doubt know, KEDGE Business School is committed to CSR, sustainable development, and inclusiveness. This is why the Fondation KEDGE Business School has, for almost 11 years, supported those school's projects which are in line with these principles.

Therefore, the actions carried out by the Foundation through the generosity of our sponsors and partners revolve around three axes:

  • Promoting research through the supporting of managerial research so that the School can offer its students up-to-date knowledge that is consistent with the issues facing both companies and the ecosystems in which they operate. To this end, it funds the establishment of Research Chairs in promising and innovative sectors;
  • Putting people at the heart of our actions through the financing of social grants, an emergency fund that can be mobilised in the event of a crisis (health, humanitarian), and Wellness (the school's scheme to promote the physical and mental well-being of its students);
  • Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit through the financing of the school's incubator, which is present on the four campuses in France, and the entrepreneurial grants awarded to the incubates.

In line with these last two axes, KEDGE Business School created an innovative programme in 2020: the Ecole Entrepreneuriale. This high-quality training programme is aimed at young people from priority urban neighbourhoods, aged 18 to 30, who have a bachelor's degree but no professional skills. The Ecole Entrepreneuriale supports them for three years in two ways. Firstly, they receive a specialised certification at the end of their training, and secondly, they are given the opportunity to incubate their entrepreneurial project in the Business Nursery.


A final word?

We would also like to take advantage of this space to warmly thank the Alumni who answered the call to support students hit by the Covid crisis last year. The monies collected were immediately distributed to students in difficulty. They, too, have expressed gratitude to their sponsors.

For it's the power of the collective that makes it possible to make a real impact. When you give, you sometimes feel that your donation isn't much use... and yet, "small streams make big rivers" and every donation, regardless of the amount, contributes to the successful carrying out activities in favour of responsible management. 

Would you also like to support the Foundation's activities? 


And to be sure, please contact us:



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