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Là cosmétique d'ici, care with walnut oil from Périgord by two KEDGE graduates

Mylène and Léa, pharmacists and biologists by training, met on the KEDGE campus in Marseille. They are now the founders of the brand "Là Cosmétique d'Ici", which is already a great success at its launch!

Là cosmétique d'ici is first and foremost the story of a friendship. That of Mylène Audit, a pharmacist from Périgord, and Léa Gintowt, a biologist from Bordeaux. They met in 2019 during the Master's program "Management of health and innovative health activities" at KEDGE. Quickly, Mylène and Léa understand that they have the same passion for natural cosmetics and that they are fascinated by the richness of the French soil, the beginning of a beautiful story...


Frustrated by the "French" natural cosmetic products on the market: questionable efficiency, sensoriality left aside, ingredients from the other side of the world... Mylène and Léa decided to create Là cosmétique d'ici: a brand committed to offering effective care products with carefully crafted textures and fragrances, healthy for the skin and the environment.

"A French brand, as we understand it: all our raw materials are French, we work only in short circuit with local craftsmen and producers. We drew our first inspiration from the heart of the Périgord region. After much research, we discovered the powers of walnut oil for the skin. We have created a range of four care products, for the face and the body, based on this oil, emblem of the Périgord", say the two founders.

Walnut oil: a precious care oil

Walnut oil has a high concentration of antioxidants and omegas 3, 6 and 9. This gives it antioxidant, regenerating and healing properties, which makes it a perfect beauty ally to fight against the signs of aging: "We have our walnut oil produced in the Dordogne valley. It comes from organic PDO Franquette walnuts and is cold-pressed to preserve all its benefits. All our products have been developed from this precious raw material."


The first range is composed of a pure walnut oil as a face care,a radiance & anti-aging day cream,a dry oil where walnut oil is associated with other organic oils from Aquitaine anda surgras soap with walnut oil.

Efficient and sensorial products

The two founders offer effective products, concentrated in active ingredients whose effectiveness is proven, as well as high quality organic French plant oils. "We assemble them in our care products for a targeted synergistic action. At Là, we are committed to offering natural products without compromising on the pleasure of a beauty routine. Thus, each formula is thought out and developed to offer a unique sensory experience."

📍 Where to find them?

In pharmacies

On the website

In store : 3 rue des Mazels, 24200, Sarlat

Open every day from 10am to 7pm

✉️ Contact and useful links

On Instagram and Facebook

Mylène Audit : 0637443183

Léa Gintowt : 0632453832

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