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KEDGE graduate Evguen BERNAT raises 1 million euros for his start-up KLAXO!

Digitizing France's auto-schools, the goal of our former kedger!

🎓 Evguen, a former kedger & co-founder of KLAXO

Having been attracted to ethical and responsible finance from an early age, Evguen joined KEDGE for its pioneering approach to CSR.

At KEDGE, Evguen followed the Programme Grande Ecole program on the Marseille campus. As he puts it so well, KEDGE was an impetus for his professional and personal development.

"The multitude of projects to be carried out within KEDGE as a student, the vibrant atmosphere of the Marseille campus, the passion shared by people with very varied backgrounds, were all boosters that contributed to giving me the energy and confidence to carry out my projects. If I had to sum it up, KEDGE gave me a taste for entrepreneurship!


🚗 KLAXO, the "doctolib" of auto-schools

Klaxo is the start-up revolutionizing access to driving licenses and mobility in France!

Founded in 2020 by Evguen Bernat and Thomas Blondeau, Klaxo's main aim is to revolutionize the daily lives of driving schools and driving license applicants.


Incubated at Station F, the world's largest start-up campus, Evguen and Thomas are developing an all-in-one, automated software solution to enable driving schools and their students to efficiently manage their driver's license training activities. By combining in the same digital space the booking of appointments, pedagogical follow-up and administrative procedures, Klaxo enables everyone to experience a serene, connected and positive driving license: driving schools lighten their daily routine and candidates organize their training ultra efficiently .


KLAXO already supports nearly 1,000 managers, secretaries and driving instructors, and over 55,000 driving license applicants.

👏 A million euros in fundraising

In early 2023, KLAXO raised 1 million euros and accelerated its development to become the preferred partner and benchmark in the digitalization of local auto-schools in France.


KLAXO's aim is to accelerate its growth and increase its capacity for innovation tenfold, to make life easier than ever for local driving schools and applicants.


Among its investors was The Moon Venture, a community of investors with high-level professional backgrounds. Since then, the KLAXO team has been receiving advice and support to strengthen its recruitment of talent from unicorn companies. Bright prospects for KLAXO...


In the future, KLAXO's ambition is toenrich its range of services, to continue to bring together professionals and road users, and to enable everyone to enjoy a positive driving experience, not only in France, but also in Europe!

💬 Advice from our former kedger

"For me, cultivating pleasure at work is the most important thing about embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure! Creating and developing a business involves a lot of commitment, contingencies and sacrifices, so we might as well make the adventure fun and exhilarating!"

🔍Find out more about Klaxo:


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