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Interview with Jessica Fortini, KEDGE graduate and now Head of Group Controls & Risks at Veepee

This past March, KEDGE officially signed a partnership agreement with Veepee, one of the French leaders in e-commerce. We took the opportunity to interview Jessica Fortini, a graduate of the school and an employee of the Veepee group.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your time at KEDGE?

My name is Jessica Fortini and I began attending KEDGE in 2002 after two years of prep courses. (I was originally to graduate in 2005 but ended up graduating in 2006 after a taking gap year.) My decision to attend Kedge was a natural one because of its diversified programme, the option of taking a gap year and going abroad for a semester, and its location.

My course of study at KEDGE doesn't reflect what I do professionally because I did the Marketing specialisation and then started working in an auditing firm. This shows how diverse our programme is and how it prepares you to work in any position or sector. I was lucky enough to be able to do a gap year between my second and third year and then do my third year abroad in Mexico.

What I retain from my time at KEDGE is essentially the teamwork that we frequently had to carry out, and which taught us to appreciate the differing opinions, methods, and workloads that each of us brought to the table, as well as being brought face-to-face with 'others' during project presentations. 


You now work for Veepee as the Head of Group Controls & Risks. Would you tell us about your position and its challenges?

My position as Head of Group Controls & Risks was created two years ago to create a strong control environment within the Veepee Group. At that time, all functions that needed independence were brought together under my management, such as internal audits, data protection, and IT security. We also created new positions such as risk management and internal controls.

The challenge of my department is to assure the CEO and the Boards that the matters dealt with within the Group are in accordance with the objectives, the assessed risks, the Group's policies and procedures and the laws and regulations. 


More than 50 KEDGE Alumni currently work at Veepee. How do you explain VEEPEE’s attraction to our graduates as an employer?

There are several reasons why Veepee attracts graduates:

  1. Business sector (digital) and a site that people know and that speaks to them;
  2. Interesting jobs with great prospects for growth and a young employee demographic. 


KEDGE and Veepee have recently signed a new partnership agreement to strengthen their collaboration. What do you think your company can offer our students and graduates (opportunities, sectors of activity, etc.)?

We are a digital company, which is recognised as a leader in the market. Veepee's sector of activity is one of the sectors that recruits the most and attracts many young graduates.

There are numerous opportunities created every day at Veepee because the level of responsibility can be carried by young managers, and positions are constantly being created to meet our new needs/projects. 


What advice would you give to our graduates and students who would like to work for VEEPEE?

To work for Veepee, you have to like change and innovation, and be open-minded and curious. But most of all, you have to be kind and humble.

My advice is to stay as you are, come and meet us, and if you like our mindset, then go for it and apply. Veepee is a mad venture but it's also very appealing.






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