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In Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille or Toulon, join one of the three programmes for start-ups.

KEDGE Entrepreneurship launches its call for innovative projects! Applications are open from 4 January to 12 February 2023 for business creators to join one of the proposed start-up programmes: the Business Creator, the Business Nursery and the Business

Join a community of innovative entrepreneurs!

KEDGE Entrepreneurship has a hundred entrepreneurs spread across the four corners of France receiving support in our incubators in Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, and Toulon! Becoming a member of our incubators means joining a network of active and committed entrepreneurs! 

Joining one of KEDGE Entrepreneurship's start-up programmes means:

  • Becoming a member of a community of motivated entrepreneurs, based on mutual assistance, support, and collective intelligence

  • Privileged access to coworking facilities on our campuses

  • Regular individual coaching sessions on a wide range of topics (marketing, finance, fundraising, etc.)

  • Mentoring by KEDGE Alumni in the relevant sectors and access to a network of entrepreneurs

  • And much, much more!

A programme for each stage of your entrepreneurial project

💡 The Business Creator: pre-incubation, to test your ideas

Reserved for KEDGE students, this programme aims to foster the desire for entrepreneurship, develop the entrepreneurial attitude of KEDGE students, and increase the KEDGE Entrepreneurship community through a 100% digitized consumer offer.


✉️ Your direct contact: Victoire Ennesser - 

🤝 Business Nursery: for entrepreneurs ready to launch their  own business

The Business Nursery offers a range of services to support entrepreneurs covering all stages from the creation to the development of their start-ups. The incubator helps start-ups created by KEDGE students or graduates. Available on several KEDGE campuses, the Business Nursery has been reinvented and is now available remotely, 100% online. All of these programmes have been awarded the French Tech label.



✉️ Direct contacts: Morgane Metz -, Paul Weill -, Myriem Ziani -  

🚀 THE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR: entrepreneurs in search of acceleration, scalability, and financing

The "Business Accelerator" is a highly selective and tailored-made acceleration programme that accepts a limited number of mature projects with high growth potential. We offer support to seasoned entrepreneurs in their quest for expansion, development, and financing for their growth.


✉️ Direct contact: Vianney Puydupain - 

💡 For more information, a round-table discussion will be held on 26 January (registration link coming soon).


To join one of the three programmes, applications will be open from 4 January to 12 February  2023.


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