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Hugo Rauch, KEDGE graduate and creator of Explore Podcast!

Explore, the podcast where success stories from entrepreneurs and investors around the world come to life!

🎓 Hugo Rauch's journey from Microsoft to the podcast Explore!

🎓 Hugo Rauch, a graduate of KEDGE Bordeaux, has charted a career path that is as daring as it is captivating. At KEDGE, Hugo discovered his passion for finance and business. His various internships at Deloitte and Under Armour shaped his professional ambition.

👏 After graduating from KEDGE, he joined Microsoft as an apprentice, combining his efforts with pursuing a master's degree at Sorbonne University. Currently, Hugo is still working at Microsoft as afinancial analyst and is working in parallel on his flagship Explore Podcast project. 🎙

🌎 Her next challenge?

A six-month stint in Seattle, at Microsoft headquarters, as part of the impact investment team, supporting sustainable start-ups. 🌱

🎙️ Explore Podcast: an entrepreneurial adventure

Explore Podcast embodies Hugo's vision: to tell the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. A bi-weekly rendez-vous where we discuss fundraising, product-market fit and team building. For Hugo, it's a way of contributing to the entrepreneurial community andexploring this fascinating world.

👀 What's your goal for the coming year?

Hugo has set himself a goal of helping 10,000 people on their entrepreneurial or investment journey over the next 12 months, whether through the podcast or his LinkedIn articles. For him, Explore represents a personal adventure and a constant learning experience about the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship .

🚀 Valuable advice: Just get started!

💬 For KEDGE graduates and students, Hugo has a simple but powerful piece of advice:

"Just get started! Launching your own side project has been an invaluable experience. The initial rewards are primarily personal, but you soon realize that a side project has very little risk and there's no reason not to go for it." 💥


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