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Gift ideas KEDGE Alumni #3: Give products sold by Kedge alumni as Christmas presents.

Giving your nearest and dearest Christmas presents is a good thing. Giving them Christmas presents that you’ve picked specially from the gift ideas offered by KEDGE alumni is an even better thing. To help your Christmas preparations, KEDGE Alumni has selected around forty ideas for its catalogue from the many applications submitted by former students. With breaks & trips, jewellery, clothes, accessories, wines & spirits, ornaments & the home, we’ve got it all covered so you can find THE present to delight your family and friends. What’s more, many alumni are offering discounts for fellow alumni network members, so use them!

High-tech presents for all the family with Parrot

Do your kids love drones? Do your parents love gardening? Is your brother a huge music fan? Parrot has gift ideas for all of them, whatever they are into. From a mini-drone to wireless headphones, via connected gardening accessories (remote watering, for example) and hands-free kits, Karine Aubry (ESC 2004) offers a vast range of modern, useful presents.
Karine is offering a 10% discount to alumni and can be contacted at 

Environmentally-friendly tea and infusions for winter

GreenMa is a new brand of organic teas and infusions in eco-design packaging produced under the firm’s entirely environmentally-friendly philosophy. Cecile Cohen (ESC 2004) offers the opportunity to rediscover the real taste of tea, with all the plants used being entirely organic, no artificial flavourings used, and all produced with zero-waste manufacturing.
Cécile is offering a 5% discount across the site, and can be emailed at 

Leave your smartphone behind - disconnected travel

We all know someone who is addicted to their smartphone, their email and their social networks. Vincent Dupin (ESC 2013) offers you the chance to give them a real present - a “Digital Detox” break. With the “Tribe Box” gift card (€100 or €200, valid for one year, against any Into The Tribe break), you can send your nearest & dearest all over Europe. Without their connected devices. It may seem like torture at the beginning, but they will thank you for it at the end.
Vincent is offering a €10 discount to KEDGE alumni, and can be emailed at 

Keep your neck warm with the “Véritable Koudou”

Thanks to Matthieu Fayet (EBP 2006) and his “Véritable Koudou”, you can face winter with no anxiety about the cold. The company offers incredibly snug loop or conventional scarves made in France in an urban style. Ideal for moped riders and motorcyclists, or simply for cold winter days, they are available in all colours, all sizes and with a range of patterns.
Matthieu is offering a 15% discount on orders over €50 using the code KEDGE2016.


Indulgent treats made in Brussels

Foie gras, chocolate, wine, gateaux, mustard, caviar and truffles are just some of the treats available for the festive season at Marius Corner, a concept first begun in 2011. There are shops in Brussels and Namur, but you can also order the products, selected by Yann Fallecker (ESC 2002), online.
Yann is offering a special 15% discount deal for alumni, and can be emailed at


Wear Africa round your neck with Kapotia Fashion

Marie-Claire Moraldo (PMG 2015) is the designer of this African jewellery based on pearls, fabrics and horn. The results are superb, with glorious, colourful necklaces and bracelets that will definitely reflect your personality.
Marie-Claire is offering a 10% discount on jewellery prices, and can be emailed at

Paula Jones: clothing and accessories designed for the beach

Paula Jones is in fact Félicie Pacoret (Cesemed 2014), a globetrotting ex-student who has drawn much inspiration from her travels in China, North and South America, and Bali, where the brand was born. And you can tell; all her clothing and accessories practically smell of the warm sand. We can hardly wait for summer.


Red, white or rosé - choose your wine online at Lignane

In the Rhône valley, on the Drôme-Vaucluse border, in between the communities of Rochegude, Suze-la-Rousse and Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes, the Château de Lignane extends over 60 hectares in Lignane, which can trace its history back to Roman times. Geoffrey Couston (KEDGE Bachelor 2010) sells a range of wines produced in its own cave.

Adaptable lighting made in Bordeaux

Corinne Puyo (ESC 1987) formed Lairial, a craft-designer producing adaptable lighting in neo-veneer. All finishes are bespoke and the range of lights, made of wood, is highly adaptable. Ideal to give your rooms some volume using this unique, stylish lighting system.
Corinne is offering a 10% discount and can be emailed at


Cubo4: A brain work-out for young and old alike

The best board games are very often the most straightforward, fastest and fun. This applies to Cubo4, a 3D strategy game designed by Michaël Haddad (ESC 2012). You can play it anywhere and with anyone. Players of all ages will love it. The price tag won’t break the bank, so what are you waiting for?


Wine from Château l’Escarderie produced with no synthetic pesticides and no chemical fertilisers

Mélanie Haguenin (EBP 1998) and her family acquired the wine-growing Château de l’Escarderie in 2015 because of its position on a gentle slope, not far from the Dordogne. Surrounded by clumps of trees forming one unbroken stretch, it is ideal for controlled organic production. “Passion de l'Escarderie” is made from Merlot Noir and Cabernet Franc grape varieties, grown without synthetic pesticides and without chemical fertilisers.
Mélanie is offering 6 bottles for the price of 5, and can be contacted at


A case of craft beers made in France

Exploring the world of craft beers is increasingly popular in France, partly down to the efforts of people like Anne-Sophie Verdier (ESC 2007), founder of “Le Coin Mousse”, a website selling French-made craft beers. Why not treat yourself or someone else to a case of 100% craft beer made entirely in France for the festive period?
Anne-Sophie is offering a 10% discount on orders for its Christmas gift cases  with the code KEDGE2016.


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