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Founded by an entrepreneurial school graduate, Thot App revolutionizes connected learning

Discover Éric's fascinating journey, from his passion for martial arts to the creation of Thot App, the social application for collaborative learning.

⛩️ KEDGE graduate Éric's career path: from the Shaolin temple to the creation of Thot App

Éric, a graduate of the first class of KEDGE's entrepreneurial school, has followed a singular path that has led him to create Thot App, a social application dedicated to sharing knowledge and know-how. 💡

🌏 Driven by his passion, Eric has traveled the world to perfect his skills in the martial arts. His interest in education and connecting cultures found expression in his travels, where he had the opportunity to live and train at the famous Shaolin Temple in China, climb Mount Fuji in Japan to its summit, fight in pro rings in Thailand, explore wildlife in Australia, and much more.... This journey of initiation has nurtured his vision of a community where knowledge should be accessible to all.

Back in France, Eric devoted himself to his Thot project, which had begun during his Odyssey. He realized that there was a pressing need to connect people who wanted to learn with those who had the knowledge they needed. Thus was born the idea of Thot App, a social application designed to facilitate access to and sharing of knowledge. 📱

Thanks to the support of French Tech and KEDGE Business School, Eric was able to bring his entrepreneurial project to fruition. His captivating journey, from traveling the world to developing Thot at KEDGE in Marseille, perfectly illustrates the need and inspiration drawn from his adventures . Today, thanks to his determination, he is creating a positive impact in the field of education. 👏

🚀 A springboard to entrepreneurship

JoiningKEDGE's Entrepreneurial School was crucial to Thot's development. His three years at KEDGE were the fertile ground in which his entrepreneurial spirit flourished, guided by inspiring teachers and committed classmates. Interactive teaching and interactions with entrepreneurs nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit and sharpened her vision of the business world. 💼

💬 "In short, KEDGE has been much more than just an academic institution. It's a truly dynamic ecosystem that has fueled my entrepreneurial vision, offered invaluable resources and prepared me for the challenges inherent in starting a business. The passionate KEDGE community and the teaching I received were key elements, propelling Thot from idea to reality."

Thot App: Reinventing collaborative learning 🤝

Thot App is much more than just an application. It's a dynamic platform where anyone can learn, teach, share knowledge, even generate revenue. The app offers a collaborative learning experience, allowing users to connect with enthusiasts/experts, plan personalized learning sessions, like, comment, discuss and value their knowledge through a unique virtual currency. 🚀

Thot aspires to become a connected knowledge directory, where anyone wanting to acquire new knowledge can log on to the app and find a real person who holds the knowledge they're looking for. ✨

The future of Thot: realizing a global vision 🌍

Thot's development goals for the future are ambitious and aligned with its vision of making knowledge accessible to as many people as possible. It aims toextend its reach by expanding its user community on a global scale. It also plans tocontinually enrich its platform with innovative new features to offer an ever richer experience. At the same time, Thot is looking to strengthen its strategic partnerships in order to offer its users a diverse range of knowledge and insights. Thot's ambition is to become the go-to reference point for those seeking to learn, teach and share knowledge, while creating unique opportunities for knowledge monetization. " 🔎

Advice to KEDGE graduates and students

💬 "My advice for KEDGE graduates and students aspiring to follow a similar path would be to cultivate curiosity and perseverance. Dare to think outside the box, explore your passions above all else and don't be afraid to fail, because every failure is a learning opportunity. Take advantage of KEDGE's exceptional resources and network, get involved in concrete projects and don' t underestimate the power within you. Believe in yourself, believe in your project; nothing is impossible. 💪

Starting a business can be demanding, but it's also an exciting adventure that will enable you to discover your true abilities and make a positive contribution to the world around you. Stay committed, stay passionate, keep learning all the time and the results will be there." 🌟

Join the Apprenticeship Revolution:

Thot is now available on the App Store and Play Store. Immerse yourself in this unique experience

of connected knowledge. Join us, share your skills, learn new things,

generate additional revenue and be part of a passionate global community.

For further information, please contact :

You can access all of Thot App's social network and website links via this link:


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