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Focus on Pierre-Olivier, a KEDGE graduate and entrepreneur who has just launched his start-up: Pulpe

KEDGE Entrepreneurship, the school's programme dedicated to entrepreneurship, is supporting the start-up Pulpe: a brand of eco-responsible bed linen for individuals and professionals.

A 2012 KEDGE graduate, Pierre-Olivier Adam is the co-founder of Pulpe. The start-up is currently incubated at KEDGE's Business Nursery and thus benefits from personalized support.

Pulpe: eco-responsible and innovative linen

Pulpe is a start-up incubated at Business Nursery on the Bordeaux campus of KEDGE , whose ambition is to revolutionize the textile industry! A daring project but crucial to reduce our impact on the environment, the textile industry being the second most polluting industry in the world.


For this, the start-up does not use cotton whose culture is extremely polluting, but alternative solutions much more ecological. It is thus eucalyptus, a sustainable, biodegradable material 100% transformed in Europe, which composes the pillowcases and bed linen of Pulpe !


less water


of energy saved

The cultivation of eucalyptus has a lesser impact on the planet:

  • The plant grows without pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers;
  • The wood chosen by Pulpe comes from certified and sustainably managed forests;
  • The fabric biodegrades completely at the end of its life.

A KEDGE Alumni entrepreneur

Pierre-Olivier, the entrepreneur who co-founded Pulpe, is also a graduate of KEDGE's Grande Ecole program in 2012. His assets for success?

  • Skills in Marketing and Business Development
  • International professional experience
  • Double degree: Master PGE Kedge and Law 

Thanks to his taste for challenge and teamwork, Pierre-Olivier was able to launch himself into entrepreneurship and develop Pulpe with the support of KEDGE Entrepreneurship. 

Support for the Business Nursery

At the KEDGE Business Nursery, Pierre-Olivier benefits from personalized support in the creation of his company:

  • Pulpe can be confronted with the reality of the market thanks to KEDGE Business School's partner companies
  • Obtaining financing for the start-up's seed phase will also be facilitated by KEDGE Business School's partner companies and institutional partners

To know more about the Business Nursery


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