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Culture in the spotlight: 9 kedgeuses and kedgers to keep an eye on

✨ Explore the opportunities in the world of culture, through the captivating journeys of kedgeuses and kedgers, who have succeeded in this sector, rich: in museums, galleries, cinemas, festivals, and monuments. This article takes you behind the scenes to discover the key moments in their careers.

This sector defines a new aesthetic, entrepreneurial and cosmopolitan capitalism. Since 2004, thanks to the expertise of the Creative Industries and Culture research center, KEDGE has enabled its students to specialize in the management of the arts, culture and creative industries, first in a specialized course of the Grande Ecole Program, then today through the MSc Arts & Creative Industries.

#1 Alice Pont, Communications Director - Francofolies de La Rochelle 🎶

🎓 Alice graduated from Kedge BS 2012 (formerly BEM) Programme Grande École, specializing in Marketing/Communications. Her career path began with a gap year at L' Express magazine working with the Communications Director, followed bya university exchange in Madrid. On her return, Alice did her end-of-studies internship at Canal+ in the Special Operations/Events department, then joined the Balibaris communications department for 6 months. 💼

Subsequently, under recommendation, Alice joined the Morgane Group, first as an artistic collaborator for TV shows, then gradually focusing on festivals such as Live in Tignes, Paroles et Musiques. In 2018, Alice was honored to accept the position of Communications Director for Francofolies de La Rochelle, where she currently oversees a team of 4 people. 🎶

🤝 The challenges facing the team are many: working on the festival's brand awareness, reputation and ticketing, as well as hard work on social networks, media partnerships, brand partnerships and press relations.

#2 Pierre Lassalle, Film Project Manager - Gaumont 🎬

🎓 With a BTS in international trade, Pierre joined the PGE at KEDGE Marseille, attracted by the wide range of marketing subjects, particularly those devoted to cinema.

In 2013, his internship at Warner Bros. France propelled him into the world of film marketing, where he decided to make his career. With a more creative profile, he began by coordinating all the marketing material needed for theatrical release campaigns, and later learned a little more about film marketing in the broadest sense. Some of the fine films he has worked on include: The Hobbit, Man of Steel, Gravity, Conjuring, Godzilla... 🎞️

🎥 After completing his master's degree on KEDGE's Chinese campus in 2015, this time Pierre joined French cinema at Gaumont, still in film distribution as Marketing Coordinator, a position he held for five years before moving internally as Cinema Project Manager in 2019. There he discovered a different kind of creativity, more local, broader. Passionate about his work, Pierre now oversees the global marketing strategy for emblematic films such asAu revoir là-haut, Hors normes, Le sens de la fête, Adieu les cons, Illusions perdues... right through to their implementation on the French market.

#3 Patricia Gerhardt-Vaugiac, Director of the Hachette Livre Diffusion Services subsidiary 📖

🎓 A graduate of KEDGE Marseille, Patricia has worked in publishing, sports marketing and FMCG, and now holds the exciting position of managing a subsidiary of Hachette-Livre. Her professional career began atOlympique de Marseille, where she rose through the ranks as sales manager, deputy marketing director and sales and marketing partner.

Patricia then chose to join L'Oréal for 10 years, where she held a variety of roles, from sector manager to key account manager to category director. This enriching experience enabled her to work with talented people, exceptional brands and a great deal of emulation. ✨

📖 F or the past six years, Patricia has been orchestrating the Hachette Livre Diffusion Services teams, collaborating with authors, publishers and customers on fascinating book projects. Heading up a team of 100 people, she manages five business units and makes a significant contribution to annual sales of almost 220 million euros .

Learning from her managers, such as Corinne Gensollen at OM, Sophie Neyertz at l'Oréal, and Stéphanie Ferran at Hachette-Livre, has greatly helped her professional development. 🤝

#4 Nicolas Bourry, Director of Administration and Production - Salle Bourgie, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ✨

🎓 As part of KEDGE's Creative Industries curriculum, Nicolas was aiming for a solid generalist training, while specializing in order to be more legitimate in the world of culture, tourism and leisure .

💼 His initial internships in the cultural sector, particularly in the world of live performance and classical and operatic music, steered his ambition towards production positions. Nicolas has thus accumulated a wealth of experience in various departments (communications, stage management, sponsorship...) and structures (opera houses, concert halls, festivals...).

Today, Nicolas holds the position of Director of Production and Administration for Bourgie Hall at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He occupies a central position in the practical organization of the concert hall. 🎻

For Nicolas, his time at KEDGE was decisive, helping to create a bridge between the managerial world and various cultural universes. 🤝

#5 Claire Cortes, Sales Director France 🎞️

🎓 A graduate of KEDGE's Grande École program with a specialization in Marketing & Sales, Claire has enriched her skills during 15 years at the heart of theentertainment industry. As Director of Sales France at Pathé, Claire and her team orchestrate the distribution and promotion of line-up films in cinemas across France. 🎬

Her background includes film programming, optimizing releases in a competitive environment, the revolutionary technical transition to digital, and trade-marketing. Claire has also managed film release events such as previews, provincial tours, festivals, and BtoB meetings with exhibitors. 🤝

Through her experience at Pathé, she discovered the fundamental role of the distributor, operating as a veritable " film courier", forming a strategic link between film production and exhibition. Her behind-the-scenes impact, though often overlooked, remains inescapable for the industry. 🚀

#6 Théophile Gazeau, Technical and Production Manager: We Love Green, Yardland, Peacock Festival, Villa Eugénie 🎶

🎓 Graduating from KEDGE's Grande École Program in 2013, Théophile rejoined Playground in Anglet, then followed the manager: Frank Bastia, Stéphane Latxague and Philippe Barre in the creation of theOcean Climax Festival project, and seizes the chance to manage artistic production.

🤝 After a decisive meeting with Marc Emmanuel Mouton at the festival, Théophile set off for Paris. He started out as a DJ and roadie (show handler), then managed to land a job asAssistant prod / runner at Villa Eugenie. Thanks to the confidence of Laetitia Delfar, producer with the agency for 10 years, he climbed the ladder to become Production Manager, notably for the Dior Men's fashion shows and international projects . In parallel, her collaboration with Marc Emmanuel continues, notably for projects such as We Love Green and several shows at Bercy (NTM, PNL, Lomepal). 🎫

🎤 In 2023, Marc Emmanuel asked him to run the stages at We Love Green, Yardland and Peacock Festival, alongside his technical training. The same year, Théophile successfully launches a Xiaomi model at the Gaité Lyrique. And in 2024, he will embark on Eddy de Pretto's tour as Production Manager, closing in December with a show at Bercy. ✨

#7 Anne-Marie Dang-Le Corre, in charge of the historical monuments budget 🏰

🎓 Graduating from KEDGE in 2007, with a specialization in corporate finance, Anne-Marie has charted an exceptional course. After six years in the private sector, from Société Générale, to a chartered accountancy firm, to Orange Business Services as Financial Control Manager, she made the choice to join the civil service in 2014.

💼 She joined the Ministry of the Interior, where she acquired budgetary skills and an understanding of the inner workings of the ministry. In 2017, Anne-Marie joined the Ministry of Culture, in charge of budget monitoring for operators (such as the Louvre Museum, the Musée d'Orsay,...which account for almost half of the Ministry's budget).

In 2020, she joined the sub-directorate for historic monuments and heritage sites, overseeing a conservation budget of €425m. This position enables her to combine her passion for historic monuments with her skills in management control. 🏰

With her experience, she is convinced that her background and dual private-public sector roots are assets in meeting the challenges of the public sector. ✨

#8 Souraya Kessaria, In charge of residency programs and partnerships -
Cité internationale des arts 🎨

🎓 After growing up in India, Mexico and China, Souraya graduated from KEDGE in 2014 and initiated her professional career in the arts and culture sector, studying art history and theory in parallel.

🌍 S he worked as acultural attaché in the French diplomatic cultural network, first in Tunisia and then in Hong Kong. On her return to France, she joined the Centre Pompidou 's public relations department as international mediation project manager .

🤝 In 2021, Souraya joined the Cité internationale des arts team as Residency Programs and Partnerships Officer. She develops residency programs in partnership with national and international structures, offering tailor-made professional support to artists/researchers. 🎨

Its interdependent, intersectional approach is designed to support the emergence and promotion of artistic practices that are not very visible in France, by facilitating access to key stages of professionalization.

She has worked closely with artists and curators such as Lasseindra Ninja, Missla Libsekal, Françoise Petrovitch,...

#9 Paméla Komar, Project Manager e-marketing - Musée du Louvre 🖼️

🎓 After two intensive years of preparatory classes and graduating with a diploma in dance from the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse, Paméla moved to KEDGE's Bordeaux campus. In her first year at the school, Paméla decided to immerse herself in the world of culture by taking part in the Art, Culture and Management in Europe Chair. 🌍

💼 Wishing to enrich her career path, Paméla opted for awork-study program and seized a unique opportunity at the Musée du Louvre!

Project with artist JR to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid © Nanta Ranarison

She was able to flourish as an audience loyalty officer, a promotion officer following her work-study placement and today as an e-marketing project manager, dedicated to developing audiences for all the museum's offerings (temporary exhibitions, tours/activities, concerts/films/lectures/shows...) and optimizing their experiences, before, during and after their visit. 👏

🔍 Did you knowthat the Louvre, the most visited museum in the world, is home to 35,000 works of art, covering 73,000 m2 of exhibition space - the equivalent of 10 soccer stadiums! 14.5 km of corridors, 403 rooms, 10,000 steps, 73 elevators, 2,000 doors.


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