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Created by a KEDGE BS graduate, Led-Flash achieves 60% growth every year

This is the story of a graduate, who, after a rich and diversified experience at KEDGE BS, succeeded in building a successful career, with several different facets. In moving from a career in finance to the Internet sector, Christophe Serpeau (ESC 2001) is living proof that changing careers is possible.


When he joined KEDGE Business School in 1999, Christophe followed a classic ESC program with a major in market finance. “It allowed me to learn about the foundations of creating a business while focussing on a sector I was interested in.”

After graduating in 2001, he joined the Société Générale as an assistant trader, and then in 2004, he joined the software publishing company ARPSON (a front to back-office software program). He was hired to install the software and configure it according to the user’s needs. This already brought Christophe a step away from the financial sector.

In 2012, our multi-skilled alumnus changed course again: concerned about the environment, energy conservation, and renewable energy, he became an entrepreneur and founded, with his associate, Led-Flash, which aimed to distribute and provide led lighting sources.

Christophe et son équipe

Christophe and his team in Led-Flash’s offices

As soon as it was launched in October 2012, Led-Flash’s website was met with great success. It quickly surpassed its objectives and initial business model, thanks notably to demand from its BtoB clients.

In May 2015, Christophe and his associate undertook an external growth operation: they bought the Energy-Led website, which was extremely useful for their development because of its strong synergies with Led-Flash.

Today, Led-Flash’s website is also successful when it comes to BtoC and it is in constant evolution, growing an average of 60% every year.

This success has only further motivated the two associates, who have set clear objectives for the future:

  • Expand the commercial side of things and propose a comprehensive solution
  • Increase the audience on their websites
  • Expand their range of products
  • Prepare a fundraising operation


When you ask him what the school did for him, Christophe responds: “KEDGE BS allowed me to become interested in everything related to creating a business, even though my major was in market finance. I went from a career in finance to the Internet: everything is possible! I’ve remained close to the school. So far we have had 4 interns from KEDGE, one of which we hired in July.”

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