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Bol d'air, the expatriate gourmet podcast, launched by a KEDGE graduate

Tanguy Nguyen, a former kedger, has decided to combine all his passions: gastronomy, travel and encounters, by creating his own podcast: Bol d'Air.

🎓 Tanguy Nguyen, passionate about gastronomy, travel and encounters

🌎 A graduate of the PGE class of 2018, Tanguy was quick to try his hand at expatriation. First of all, he spent a year in the United States, before settling in Toronto, Canada, where he has now been living for 5 years. Tanguy also supports the KEDGE Alumni network, by being the creator and coordinator of the KEDGE Alumni office in Toronto, after having discovered and participated in meetings in Miami and New York.

Driven daily by his passion for gastronomy and his commitment to sustainable development, Tanguy has made his mark in the agri-food industry and in positive-impact companies such as Innocent France, Valrhona Canada, and joined Too Good To Go in June 2021, for the launch of the app in Canada.

🎙 Also, a lover of travel and eager to meet new people, Tanguy decided to combine all his passions by creating a source of inspiration: the Bol d'Air podcast, an expat gourmet podcast.

🎙️ Bol d'Air, the expatriate gourmet podcast

" Eating well, eating better is always a challenge when you live abroad, especially when your habits have been ingrained for decades: why is a croissant more expensive and doesn't taste the same? I've been lucky enough to rub shoulders with chefs, pastry chefs and restaurateurs who have shared with me their vision, their explanations and the differences that can be found locally compared to France."

Bol d'Air, much more than a simple podcast, offers a total immersion in travel, gourmandise and exploration.

Bol d'Air's mission is clear and bold:

✨Highlight the journey, work and inspirations of artisans.

🌱Inspire listeners about the food industry, and valuing local consumption

👩‍🍳 Share the inspiring journeys of women and men chefs

🎧 Bol d'Air episodes, guide us through captivating stories, such as Morgane Pons, moving from business school to the Ferrandi school, or Jean-Régis Raynaud, facing physical and psychological challenges...

Each story is a true aural pleasure, feeding our curiosity and passion for gastronomy.

📱 Season 1 of Bol d'Air, is already available!

Season 1 is broadcast every Friday at 2pm from mid-October to mid-December. The 40-50 minute episodes offer listeners a weekly insight into the world of pastry chefs, restaurateurs, chefs, mixologists... as they commute, work out or prepare meals .

💬 Any advice for Kedge students?

" Expatriation is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life: I wish it for everyone, so don't hesitate to build your career path and go wherever your desire and passion take you. Kedge Alumni branches around the world are a great resource for meeting new people and getting an insight into their daily lives abroad.

Chef Jean-Régis told me: "Travel is a form of school, it's where you challenge yourself and grow. "

Find out more about the Bol d'Air podcast:

Link to podcast: https: //

Intagram: https: //


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