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As a KEDGE graduate, I’ve decided to donate to the school’s emergency fund.

KEDGE has launched its first fundraising appeal to Alumni it can continue to provide support to its students in their professional or personal projects and remove any obstacles to their track that the Covid crisis may have worsened.

Monies raised are specifically for the purchase of groceries when in isolation, help with rent payments in the case of a job loss, assistance in the event of a breakdown in the family environment, help following health problems, or can even a one-off grant. The examples are numerous. 

I want to help the students of kedge


Alexandre Cornella, KEDGE Alumnus, tells us about his donation. 

What do you think of KEDGE's approach, which has recently launched a fundraising campaign for its Emergency Fund?

I find this approach remarkable. It pushes the school to keep the best while giving a chance to young people who are experiencing difficulties (financial or otherwise). These students will not only be appreciative but also more motivated than ever to succeed in their studies and help other students in turn. 

You've just made a contribution to this campaign. Why is it important to you to give to KEDGE students in need? 

The post-Covid era has certainly been a factor. I think of all those students who may not have the means, the parents, or the ability to finance their studies. 

Higher education is one of the few ways for young people to make it in society (along with entrepreneurship). This is why I wanted to make my modest contribution to this support fund, which is sponsored by the Fondation de France, which is a reputable organisation.

Will you tell your fellow classmates about the Emergency Fund? What will you tell them to encourage them to donate?

As an Alumni of KEDGE, this was my way of giving back to the school what it gave me. Skills, a network, friends, and a solid integration into the professional world... I can only encourage my peers to support this cause so that young students can receive assistance in these difficult times when purchasing power and inflation are weighing heavy on their study budgets.





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