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Alumni of KEDGE, become a facilitator of the Le Match du Siecle!

In 2022-23, KEDGE is offering its students the opportunity to attend the Le Match du Siecle (Match of the Century) workshop - which combines personal development and sustainable development - by the Ticket for Change association. This is an opportunity fo

So, what is the Le Match du Siècle?

The Match du Siècleis an immersive and collaborative 3-hour workshop to restore your confidence for the future, reconnect with your dreams and talents, and take action for the world of tomorrow. In short, it's:

  • 🎨 3 hours of immersion in 2050 to imagine a more sustainable world in which everyone wants to live;
  • 👀 a guide to finding your role in building that world, starting today;
  • 👫 a community of committed individuals who want to make progress together;
  • 🎁 free teaching and facilitation training from home.

We need you!

We are looking for facilitators in Bordeaux and Marseille to assist the Ticket for Change team.


We promise that it will be a magical time of dreams, clicking with students, a great experience, and most of all, a good time with our team!


👉 To register and become a facilitator: 


Once trained you will give, the students of our school a truly transformative experience. In only 3 hours, you will be able to change their view of the future, restore their confidence, and come up with ideas of how to take action today for the world of tomorrow.


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