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A look back at our latest conference: Successful careers for women

On March 21st, on the KEDGE Business School campus in Paris, the conference "Succeeding in your career as a woman" was organised by our volunteer facilitators and the KEDGE Alumni team.

Organized by our three graduates and animators of the Paris branch (Julie Katz, Stéphane Alcaraz and Nour El Houda Maaref) as well as our alumni mission officer (Morgane Samuel), this KEDGE Alumni conference gathered nearly 60 KEDGE graduates. You can watch the replay of this conference by clicking here.

A successful evening 👏

In partnership with Thierry Ohayon, KEDGE graduate in 2012 and author of the books " les Filles, osons parler argent " and " L'argent au féminin ", this conference focused on three questions: 

What are the keys to a successful career? What are the obstacles that prevent one from evolving (in responsibility and salary)? How to reconcile professional and personal life?


Five graduates led the conference: 

All the pictures of the evening are available at the end of the article.


We would like to thank our photographer for this beautiful evening, Fabien Vanhuffel, graduate from KEDGE. We invite you to discover his portfolio.


" What an inspiring evening! Enthusiasm, benevolence and leadership were the order of the day. Thank you to the speakers for sharing their rich experience and to the audience, alumni and supporters, for coming in such large numbers " The organizers of the KEDGE Alumni Paris branch.


" What a joy it was to see so many of our alumni at this round table and to see them so attentively listening to the words of this exceptional panel. It was a very inspiring evening and I would like to thank the team of the Paris branch; Julie, Nour and Stéphane without whom this evening would not have been possible. Thanks also to Georges Klenkle, President of KEDGE Alumni , who was present for the occasion, for his support " Morgane Samuel, in charge of the alumni mission at KEDGE Alumni.

The Paris branch 📍

With more than 15,000 KEDGE graduates in Paris and the surrounding area, our branch aims to offer you a constantly growing network dynamic with festive and gourmet afterworks, dynamic presentations, expert conferences, and anything else your ideas may suggest!


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