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À la bonne porte, the first real estate network committed to women, has been launched by two Kedgers!

Founded by Olivier Buyse and Philippe Raynal (KEDGE’s continuing education), "à la bonne porte" is the first real estate network with a mission to support women. The partners plan to recruit 500 women experts within the next 5 years.

The story began one day in June 2020, in the middle of a lockdown. After discussing their respective situations a few times, Olivier and Philippe, decided to link their projects. Olivier was thinking about ways to make those over the age of 45 more employable and Philippe was considering creating a new network in the real estate sector.

The two co-founders both have strong human values as well as a firm commitment to reducing discrimination in companies, particularly with regard to the issues of access to employment and unequal pay which have existed for far too long in the workplace and in our society.

The difficulties and gaps widen as you climb up the age pyramid! For older people, your attractiveness to employers is inversely proportional to your age. Recruitment agencies, after having chased you for almost 20 years, now ignore you, and your job applications will go in the dead letter pile, despite the fact that you have the required skills and can offer undeniable added-value with your experience and existing network. - Olivier Buyse, Co-founder.

This is how “à la bonne porte", France’s first real estate network with a "mission to support women", was born in Marseille. Although the network is primarily for women, it is, however, not only for women. It is also "available to men who want to defend women's rights to equality and autonomy", explained Olivier.


In short, á la bonne porte is ...

  • a real estate network unlike any other that makes buying and selling real estate even better.
  • the "1st real estate network committed to women" which offers training and employment to women seeking employment or changing careers with the aim of reducing the current discriminations that exist on the job market.
  • Recruitment: women, as well as men with or without real estate experience, who are engaged with women’s issues, and who want to defend women's rights to equality and self-reliance.
  • an extremely attractive package with, in particular, up to 95% commission, unlimited income from network marketing and... the possibility of becoming a shareholder from the first year! 

Finally, to attract sales contracts, the company has created the Exclu'Solidaire, the first exclusive solidarity contract, for the "women's and family causes that the network supports and that support us. In fact, the network and its experts agree to donate a portion of their profits from all real estate transactions to the cause chosen by the seller”.

In sum, à la bonne porte gives you the chance to get the most out of your professional future by giving it meaning and new life! 

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