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A KEDGE graduate is voted Sales Manager of the Year, and wins the Trophée Action Co!

On Wednesday December 13 at the Westin Paris Vendôme, Jean-Pierre Laherre, former kedger and former CEO of Ursa, brilliantly won the Sales Manager of the Year trophy!

🏆 Jean-Pierre Laherre wins Sales Manager of the Year award with flying colors!

⭐ A well-deserved trophy, rewarding hard work and a far-reaching project. Before leaving Ursa, a company specializing in building insulation systems, last July, Jean-Pierre initiated a remarkable motivational challenge: "Ursa Shield for the Planet ".

The challenge, which ran from February 15 to April 15, mobilized URSA employees, customers and partners aroundcollective actions to be carried out on the Internet and social networks. It also aimed to remind them of the economic and ecological benefits of the solutions offered by Ursa.

This far-reaching project, rightly rewarded with this trophy, testifies toJean-Pierre's remarkable commitment to the company and to raising environmental awareness .

Each action carried out, such as publishing photos featuring Ursa products, triggers the planting of a tree in the Landes forest. The teams who planted the most trees were rewarded.

More than 4,000 participants took part, resulting in the planting of 5,500 trees! 🌳

✨ His message of thanks on LinkedIn

🔍 Find out more about Jean-Pierre Laherre

🎓 Jean-Pierre joined KEDGE Business School, in 1983, and from then on, he nurtured a growing passion for commerce and sales.

Thanks to his generalist background, he explored all aspects of business, including marketing, human resources, finance and management control... However, he quickly identified his true passion: " selling, communicating, establishing contacts, and building a network as a source of inspiration, co-creation, innovation, but also as a means of doing business, and above all for the pleasure of exchanging with others."

Today, after a decade as an entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre recently stepped down as Managing Director at Ursa. He is now preparing new projects in the world of building and civil engineering. 🤝

Any advice for KEDGE graduates and students?

💬 "At the start of your career, you need to "taste" as many courses and initial internships or work-study placements as possible, in order to find your talent(s) and passions, which are often linked, and then throughout your career remain as curious as possible by opening up not only to your core business but to others, in order to convert best practices and more globally to get inspired. At Kedge, you'll learn to adapt to the business world and find meaning in it. Above all, take pleasure in what you do.


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