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A KEDGE Alumna has won 2 gold medals at the 2022 World Games!

Juliana Ferreira (a graduate from the MAI programme of KEDGE) won two gold medals in jujitsu fighting this summer at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham - the individual title and the team title.

26-year-old Juliana Ferreira, who graduated from KEDGE's MAI programme in March, won the ultimate prize at the World Games held in Birmingham, Alabama this summer.

A double gold medal that is more than well-deserved! 🥇

Juliana Ferreira started practicing jujitsu at Vauréal in 2011 in addition to the judo she had already been practising at AS Vauréal Judo since 2001.


 She became the European Cadet Vice-Champion in 2012 and the World Junior Champion in 2013. Since then, she has continued to train at a high level, which has led her to win numerous other medals at all levels (French, European and World).  After an appearance at the World Games in 2013 as a training partner, and another as a partner and substitute in 2017, her hard work and dedication have paid off! Juliana Ferreira has just won 2 gold medals:

  • The individual title 🥇 
  • The team title 🥇🇫🇷

Watch the final of the competition

on L'équipe 21

"The exceptional nature of this competition makes this victory even more rewarding, representing #France, competing against athletes from all over the world, and being victorious is very satisfying. This is the culmination of 10 years of training and competition for me, a huge moment that I will never forget. Although I'd already had previously won world championships, these two victories and two consecutive days have been very emotional." - Juliana Ferreira.

But .... what are the World Games? 🏟️

Considered to be the gateway to the Olympic Games for those sports that are currently not part of the Olympics, it's the highest level at which jujitsu practitioners can compete (above the World Championships). Like the Olympics, this special event is held every four years.


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