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A KEDGE Alumna has been appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of Banque Courtois

After having worked for 27 years for Banque Courtois, Hélène Sauvan, (KEDGE graduate - Class of 1989), has been appointed CEO of Banque Courtois.

On 15 September 2022, Hélène Sauvan became the new Chairman of the Executive Board of Banque Courtois, a position that continues her career progression since she joined the company.

Zoom in on Hélène's career path and her new duties

A graduate of KEDGE Business School and an employee of the Crédit du Nord Group since the mid-1990s, Hélène has successively held many different positions in the operational network in the Paris region and chaired the Management Board of Banque Kolb.


In her new position, she will have the weighty responsibility of managing the SG Courtois region. This new entity, which is due to begin operations in January 2023, was created by the merger of Banque Courtois with the Société Générale and SMC (Société Marseillaise du Crédit) networks in Occitania.

The merger of the banks of the Crédit du Nord network with those of Société Générale aims to create a new model of decentralised retail banking in France. This transformational project will result in 3,700 job cuts in France and the closure of 650 branches by 2025. The management promises "zero forced departures", counting on an estimated 1,500 normal employee departures per year between now and 2025. The full impact of the merger on the Occitania region is unknown, but there is considerable concern amongst the unions about the impact on jobs, given considerable the overlap of networks in certain cities, such as Toulouse.-


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