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2 KEDGE alumni launch Matchy Matchy, a brand of women's ensembles made in France

Co-founded by Sixtine (PGE 2016) and Claire (PGE 2017), Matchy Matchy offers tops and bottoms that can be worn in a coordinated or mismatched way: unique outfits, suitable for special occasions and everyday wear.

Behind Matchy Matchy is Sixtine Maroniez and Claire Rebotton, former classmates at KEDGE and lovers of product and marketing. Sixtine worked in a start-up, at My Little Paris for the Gambettes Box for 5 years and Claire in two fashion and cosmetics referent groups, Tommy Hilfiger for 2 years and Coty for 2 years.


After more than 10 years of friendship, we wanted to carry out a project that resembles us. The desire to sublimate women in all the moments of their life: from daily life to special occasions.

Sixtine, Claire, can you tell us more about your project ?

Matchy Matchy is a brand of women's outfits, offering tops and bottoms that can be worn in a coordinated or mismatched way. Women create their own mix & match: a unique outfit, adapted to special occasions and to their daily wardrobe.


We are convinced that we need to rethink the way we consume by privileging the uses in the act of buying through products that live for several moments and not for a single occasion.


Thanks to Matchy Matchy, women have a more reasoned consumption. They favor a short and social circuit with clothes made in France, 2 hours from Paris, by a social integration workshop. They gain in singularity by creating their own mix & match and save money (thanks to the two-in-one concept).

What are your development objectives for the future?

Within a few years, we want Matchy Matchy to become the reference brand for women's ensembles. We hope to be able to develop rapidly on the retail side by testing a pop-up store and/or integration in independent concept stores. Eventually, Matchy Matchy aims to expand into lifestyle (decoration, daily life) in addition to ready-to-wear. But for the moment we are really focused on our first collections, with the desire to develop them in an ever more responsible way and to make the brand known to as many people as possible. 

A crowdfunding campaign to get the project off the ground!

You wish to support the project and benefit from a more than advantageous counterpart? Then it's time! The crowdfunding campaign is open from March 5th to April 9th 2023.


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